Thursday, May 7, 2009

two missing monkeys

today 2 monkeys went missing from our local zoo.
one male and one female.
they were both 3 years old.
they were last seen at the elephants.
within just a matter minutes they were gone.
my sister and i frantically searched each end of the zoo
with the help of a whole group of moms.
the security wasn't much help.
we managed to guard the entrances to be sure they didn't escape.
thankfully my sister found them by the giraffes.
they were safe and holding hands.
they said they were lost and looking for their moms.
they wanted to check out a few animals along the way.
they weren't shaken, not at all like their mothers.
i'm going to have to harness my little monkey.
this is the 3rd time i've lost my little monkey.
thankfully experience has made me much less hysterical.


Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

Oh those naughty little monkeys! Thank goodness we found them and you did do a good job staying calm considering your track record!

Ganny said...

Oh those little rascals. Sorry that it took so long for them to find their MOMS. Too bad Em and Sam could not have come to Ganny's farm together.(smile) Love ganny

katwalk said...

I wonder when they realized they we're lost and what they said to each other atleast with sam's experience he knows to tell someone he's lost I just wouldn't want them lost and found for long just think of what story they might choose to tell glad they were found

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