Thursday, September 25, 2008

You need to be more connected!!!

Pete here, so my first ever post here in blogdom was about my new job. Since I have started teaching I have been getting these little comments that maybe what I think is cool is not cool to the kids I teach. The first came when, I had the kids fill out a fun (and yes it was fun) "get to know ya" worksheet on it one of the items was favorite radio station. They kids enthusiastically asked, "so Mr. V. what is your favorite radio station." I replied with a grin and an encourageing ehhh ehhh attitude "X96". Almost uniformly they replied ohhh. I thought wait, no that is the cool station just by listening to that station alone should make me the cool guy on campus......shouldn't it. No, no, no, that is now the station that old people listen to, ahhhhhhh crap!!!  The next of many "awakenings" is about my motorcycle. I am very open about my obsession with motorcycles. Everytime, a student finds out about this they always ask me, "so what do you ride." I reply with a smile on my face, "KLR650" they almost always look disappointed in me. For those not totally obsessed about motorcycles, the best way to describe my motorcycle would be it's the Honda CR-V of bikes. It is a relatively cheap vehicle, that does everything you would want it too in a mediocre fashion. (wait a minute we own a CR-V too, I see a pattern developing) I always feel I have to explain my way out of owning this bike," but it's practical, it gets good gas milage, I can take it off road and on the street." There looks always turn from disapointment to, so what. They want to hear about a bike that is dangerous and most of all, scary fast.  Another rude awakening was when I was asked what kind of music do you listen to, apparently they forgot what a killer station I listen to. I replied with the same cocky grin, "alternative", expecting a Mr. V is cool. Nooooo, they said, "what is alternative". What, you don't know what alternative is. Did you eat paint chips as a child.....what you don't get that reference either.  You know Tommy Boy!  What is Tommy boy!!!! ahhhhhh.  "Alternative music, you know Smashing Pumpkins!!".  "Oh them". "Oh them?!!!".    So what do you listen to, "Flyleaf" who the ^$^@^^%^ are they! They are popular!? Oh *^#&#&^ I'm getting old!!! The last one stings a lot not because I disagree, but because it is true. Being a teacher I am subject to administrator observations. Today I had my first. I had it all built up like, I was going to get a glowing review. Well guess what sherlock, you're a new teacher your not as good as you think you are. On a side note, after my flaws were pointed out I could not agree more with what was said.  The administrator was very tactful and careful with how he delivered his critisism, which I very much appreciated. Understandably, I was a little dissapointed, but then came the stinger, " ya know Pete your a little disconnected with what the kids are into." What? I am Mr. Cool you mean I don't know what they like? He commented, "you talked about the movie 'rad' in your lesson".  I know its the coolest BMX show ever! "Our kids will not be able to relate with that show." Your kidding they love BMX. Then I was asked about a current skateboard champion, nope, don't know who he is. ......... then it sunk in the radio station, music, motorcycle, movies, I am disconnected..... I'm a dork?...he is right. That is it, I give up, where do I get one of those baby blue one piece jump suits, I see the old guys wearing at barbecues, I think I am ready.    

Monday, September 22, 2008

The day of rest that isn't really restful & thank goodness for moms and husbands

Whoever deemed Sunday as the day of rest obviously didn't have kids!! I wondered a lot yesterday how I would ever be able to not get frustrated with Sam when he's climbing over the pews in church. Then I did the whole full cycle of thinking if I was just a better mom, then he wouldn't be so difficult during church. Thankfully my mom called in this moment. I was relaying all of these thoughts to her, and she gave a whole new perspective that has had me laughing hysterically ever since. She reminded me of one of my sister's behavior during church. My sister used to lean over and put her head between her legs and lay like that all during church. I didn't realize that drove my mom so crazy, but I do remember her squeezing my sister's arms and legs trying to get her to sit up. Ok, that memory is what makes me laugh hysterically. My mom expressed the same annoyance with her that I was feeling with Sam. She also said that she would miss everything that went on in the meeting because she was too busy freaking out and scowling about my sister. She passed along the best advice that she received. Someone told her that if my sister wanted to sit with her head down in church to just let her; that was far less disruptive. Of course I can't let Sam climb the pews, but if he wants to quietly stack hymnals and drive his tractors off of them instead of sitting on his bottom, then perhaps I should just let him. That would be far less disruptive. Thanks for the right moment and perspective, Mom. 

And a great big thanks to a husband who has been sharing great parenting advice with me on how to motivate rather than to expect. A lot of meaningful stuff goes on in that brain of his, and I love when he shares it.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

well, kind of....

Despite my best attempts, Sam really likes playing swords; he pretends everything is a sword. Today I helped him make & paint a sword out of a wrapping paper roll. He was doing his fighting moves all day. He informed me that he was a "sword fighter", and he then told me "you are not a sword fighter; you are just a babysitter." Well, I guess that's how he would see it.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Seriously so blessed!!

I have admitted it here before, there are a few blogs that I stalk out there. My favorites are the ones where I get sewing ideas, but there are also a few that I read just to see how different life is for everyone. Well, today was not a good day to be reading those. I lost it when one of them wrote a post about how her 4 year son says the cutest things. For example:"Mom, can I clean my room during quiet time? There's a toy on my floor." 
I thought, "WOW, where have I gone wrong?!" and then proceeded to beat myself up all day about the lack of things I'm teaching to my kids. One thing led to another until I was totally drowning in it, begging for someone to throw me a rope or something. Thankfully, my sister did. She introduced me to this blog: seriously so blessed. I haven't been able to stop laughing my head off! More importantly I have come back to my senses and realized how grateful I am for my real, simple life. I am a good mom even if my kids don't have quiet time and want to clean up their room if in fact they did have it. 

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Joy in my Journey

Well, today was a day full of mundaneness. I don't know how many times I wiped snotty noses, cleaned up spills and toys, refereed sibling quarrels, had someone clinging to me, had to sit next to beds or read books, play toys, and on & on. You get the point. In the midst of all these mundane tasks, I had a revelation that will forever change my daily outlook. I realized that the day to day IS the journey, and if you can't find joy in all the little tasks that make up these little one's lives then you will miss it. You will miss the joy in the journey of life and motherhood. 

The most joyful moment of the day was Sam's comment. Will was crying & whining a big part of the day. When I thought I couldn't hear anymore I said "Will, please stop crying!" Sam responded by saying, "He wants Dad; he doesn't always want you." I asked him if sometimes he didn't want me to which he responded, "No, I always want you, Mommy." :)
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