Monday, March 31, 2008

Boring Blogging Girl

Yes, the title is referring to me. Yes, I know I have been slacking with my blog. I guess I have just been spending too much time reading all the other cool blogs I have found. Even better than that, I have just been enjoying my life. Nothing about my circumstances has changed other than I am no longer suffering from those post-partum blues. YEAH!! It took 8 months of being down, but one day it was just all gone. Now I'm just playing catch up on enjoying all the day to day things that used to just annoy or overwhelm me. Don't get me wrong, there's still chaos around here, but I'm finally enjoying it. Read on down for a few posts about recent events around here.
Oh, what else have we been doing?? I've been sewing; I'm making a really adorable baby quilt right now for a special little boy who has really inspired me. I'm also reading a great book: A Thousand Splendid Suns. EXCELLENT!! I've organized a cleaning schedule for me so my house stays relatively clean all the time. If you would like the details then let me know and I will post the method. It has worked out really well. We are still obsessed with American Idol and counting the days until the return of The Office (next Thursday by the way!!).
Probably my favorite thing that we have been doing around here is home remodeling projects. We are buckling down and finally adding some long overdue curb appeal to our humble abode. Saturday we painted our brick wall white. It looks really good. We are still trying to decide what to do with our fireplace and mantel. Any suggestions? Send them our way. We also had a plumber here today to give us a bid on a major bathroom expansion project that would extend our master bath and allow us to put a tub in. We are really on a roll. While we're at it we will paint our brown wall, paint our front door, replace the rest of the interior doors, etc. etc. Yeah for a husband who is on board!

Pink Eye

Stay away. Sam and Will both have pink eye. No, they don't look as scary as the picture, and they are on medicine.

more 1sts

Will has moved to a high chair; he absolutely loves it! I still haven't found anything that he doesn't love. Sam was a little hesitant to give it up until he saw how much Will loved it. Will still looks like a midget in it, but he's so cute. He can even grab cheerios off the tray and make it to his mouth. He's also eating like crazy, too. He still gets his calorie packed cereal, but he has also moved on to all kinds of baby food.
I still don't think babies come better than him...

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Happy Easter

We had a great Easter. It all started on Friday with us; we had 1-2 egg hunts every day until Sunday. Sam loved hunting eggs so much that we even had to re-hide the eggs at home for the next 3 days after Easter. I think all the sugar is just getting out of our system. I should pat myself on the back for not micro-managing every piece of candy that went into Sam's mouth. You all know I wanted to though.
Will definitely won the cutest Easter outfit award. My family joked that he looked just like an old man living in an upscale retired community where they play golf, eat at the country club, play chess, or whatever they do in communities like that. However, he was adorable. The rest of us not quite as adorable. Thanks Amy for telling me that I really needed to do something with my hair. I look pretty scary. Thankfully I went home and got a cut. Hopefully an improvement!!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Happy, Happy Birthday, Ganny, Dear...

Today is the world's best grandma's birthday. I could write pages about what an influence she has had on my life, but that would take days. The important birthday thought is how timeless my grandma has always seemed to me. She never seems to get older, and I remember as a little girl thinking and hoping that my Ganny would never get old. Well, here I am now as an adult and I still find myself thinking and hoping that my Ganny will never be old. I'm so grateful you're not getting old yet!! We love you and hope you had a happy day.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

8 months today

Today is Will's big 8 month birthday. The time has gone so quickly! He is still just such a pleasant baby! I enjoy every second of him. He may be growing a little; he's almost sitting up. We love him, love him, love him!!

Is there something wrong with this picture?

Sam was insistent that Calvin sleep in his bed today, and Sam wanted to sleep on Calvin's bed. He coaxed Calvin up while he got some "RR" on Calvin's bed with all his blankets of course!

Families that play together stay together

If that quote is true, then we will be together for a loooong time! The weather has gotten really beautiful here, and we have been taking advantage of it by being outside lots together...
*we love to walk around the block with the red wagon. Pete and Sam love to going flying down the hill with Calvin pulling them. I think it has "death wish" written all over it, but they laugh hysterically the whole way down the hill. Will and I prefer to just watch. :
*we had our first picnic today, just me and the boys. It was great fun, and we all loved being out in the sunshine at the park. Sam is so ready for Will to be big enough to play. He always tries to play with other kids at the park, and no one ever wants to play. They just run away. I'm far more sad about that than Sam is.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


why is it that on the days that your house is clean no one ever stops by? but on the days it's a mess you always seem to get a visitor? It's almost as if they can sense the disaster that is lurking behind your doors and they just want to give you an unpleasant wake up call that you need to clean. Not only did I have an unexpected visitor today, but she wanted to use my bathroom, too. Of course it was one of those bathroom days where the dirty clothes are in the floor from showering, toothpaste and dental floss still on the counter, no toilet paper, newspaper & magazines out, everything needs to be wiped down especially the dirty toddler hand prints and dirty base board right in front of the toilet, bath toys still in the tub with the shower curtain open, no clean towels, and plenty of other miscellaneous mess. I'm really hoping that I'm not the only one that has days like this. Or at least I hope that my random visitors have them, too. Better yet, I just wish my random visitors would stop by on the days that my house is actually clean. :)

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It was bound to happen sooner or later...

A few things happened this weekend worth remembering; I knew these days would come, but they just seemed to come much sooner than I had imagined.
1. Will bit me when I was feeding him, and he now thinks it's funny. I don't know why I thought he would never bite me while nursing. I guess he is just so sweet that I wouldn't have expected it.
2. Will wore his 1st outfit that was 6-9 months today. The pants were only about 2 inches too long, and the sleeves only covered part of his hand and fingers. Yes, I know he is almost 8 months old, but he's still just so cute and little.
3. Will has never rolled from his back to stomach until today at the most inopportune time. At church we had him on a blanket on his back on the floor when he decided to go ahead and roll over. Of course he was next to a metal folding chair and conked his head on it hard enough to leave a big welt. I guess he can now roll from his back to stomach.
Last but not certainly not least...
4. Saturday we were working in our back yard. Pete had opened the gate to bring the garbage can through. No big deal because Sam was playing in his sand box. A few minutes passed and Sam was nowhere to be found. I panicked and ran through gate to find him. Where do you think he was? Lots of guesses I'm sure, but he was standing on Norma's porch trying to open her front door. For those that don't know, Norma lives 2 doors down, and she has seriously become my best friend (she's in her 70s) and Sam & Will's adopted grandma. Anyways, I should've known he would escape down there sometime, but I was just expecting him to be 4 or 5 before he even thought about it. oh, I should've known better.

What a great weekend.
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