Monday, July 16, 2012

zip lines and shelters

i think i've mentioned this a time or two here...
we don't do toys at our house,
and it hasn't been for my lack of trying.
it is more a lack of interest on the part of my children,
but they do do zip lines.
and rain shelters complete with snacks and towel floors to be used for carpet.
that's what they came up with today.
thank goodness in so many ways for a dad who could make that happen.
so, yes, we now have a homemade zip line that goes from our deck to our back fence.
pure delight i tell you.
all day entertainment for these boys of ours.
maggie & mom may or may not have taken a turn, too.
entertainment even in the rain.
the conclusion was that it goes faster in the rain.
it wasn't until they were soaked that they decided to build the shelters.
sam had the snack shelter,
and will had the pet shelter.
so, they offered more than just a dry spot out of the rain.
my boys have their own very distinct style of play,
and i'm not fighting it anymore.
we embrace it around here actually.
so much so that we will be adding a kiddie pool at the end of the line to drop into on hot summer days. :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


will just had a birthday.
he has grown over 3 inches since his last birthday!
he is now 43 1/2 inches tall.
and he weighs 42 lbs.
he wears size 5 pants and 5/6 shirts and size 11.5 shoes.
his size has not been the only thing that has grown.
his personality has grown.

his heart has grown.
not sure if a brother can love his baby sister as much as this boy does!
and one mustn't forget his brother either.
anytime he is in a place where he is being offered candy he without fail asks if he can have a piece for his brother & sister.
he seems happier sharing with them than having his own.
just like his birthday.
he told sam he could have one of his beyblades he got for his birthday,
and he told maggie she could open his presents.
and if his brother wants to watch arthur, then arthur it is.
no malice, no ulterior motive.
just big, fat love.

his eyes have grown.
i swear they are bigger and browner than ever.
they hold more emotions, too.
sometimes those big brown eyes are still SO shy & SO afraid when he has to be away from Mother.
and other times they are SO full of mischief.
and there's always a little smile accompanying the side look away when he's not telling the truth.
those eyes have gotten so big that they tell many stories now.

his humor has grown.
he is full of one-liners....
this sauce tastes like nothing,
you have a sauce beard,
it feels like i should be bleeding but i'm not!!!,
i'm scared of fat people because they are hard to hug,
no, never! ok...
are a few that will live on around here.

his appetite has grown.
he will now eat vegetables,
but he hates corn on the cob.
he still doesn't love bread on his sandwich,
but he will eat lunch meat by the handfuls.
and pickles.
dill pickles are definitely a favorite snack.
he still takes too big of bites.
now those bites are just bigger and harder to chew & swallow.

his skills have grown.
he still loves riding his bike.
he wants to go all the time.
he loves to lead,
go off jumps,
ride to the park,
ride to church,
and stop for water breaks.
he also likes riding scooters
but not so much going on walks.
he didn't always love walking sam to school.
he insisted riding on the front tire of the stroller even though he got much too heavy.

his love for living has grown.
he doesn't care what we are doing.
he is easy to please
and most definitely go with the flow.
take his birthday for example...
he wanted no cake, just chocolate donuts.
he wanted no party, just wanted to go to the bounce house with 2 cousin friends.
he wasn't excessive with gift requests.
he wanted a water machine gun.
(he got several water guns, including the machine gun, a remote control car, beyblades, mercer mayer book, zuzu pet, bachukans)
he loves to go to the bounce house,
jump on the trampoline,
turn on the water hose,
getting lost in his world on his bed, rolling in the floor, or climbing in a tree.

you see, will was born a happy baby,
and as he has grown that happiness has stayed with him & gotten bigger.
i don't see that ever really changing,
unless it's just getting bigger.
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