Sunday, May 31, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

i am soooo grateful that when i take you boys to the store and we look at the toys you don't ask for a thing and you leave when i say it's time to leave without a fuss. HOPEFULLY that will always last. i can't stand watching the kids who throw a fit to get everything they see; you look so confused every time you witness that. please, please, please always be so easy in this way!

Sam: you accidentally peed your pants at play group today because you didn't know where the bathroom was. it reminded me of a time a few weeks ago when you peed your pants out of nowhere. when i asked you why you did it you informed me that you just wanted to know what it felt like. i guess i can buy that.

Will: you have started telling me as soon as you poop or pee your diaper. you get excited saying "POOP! PEEPEE!" and then you want to sit on the potty. i think you think you are going because every time you get off you clap your hands. i hope this is the beginning of early potty training for you! :)

Sam: today was pete's birthday. all you wanted to get him was a batman remote control car. needless to say we couldn't find one, so then you wanted to get him a shirt. we went to patagonia, and you instantly found a red t-shirt with a picture of the earth on it. you were certain it was perfect for dad and had no intention of leaving the store without it, so that's what you gave dad for his birthday.

Will: you LOVED daddy's chocolate birthday cake. we took it to his school to share with the faculty. you were pulling pieces off the table, and you probably ate 2 pieces. i'm really struggling with your eating habits. you will not ANY vegetables; every time i force you to taste vegetables you spit it out and say "YUCK!" the only fruit i can get you to eat is bananas. you love meat, cheese, and sugar. you don't even eat bread. anytime i make you a sandwich you take the bread off and eat only what's in the middle. you are probably not getting all the nutrients you need, but i have no idea how to get you to eat vegetables!

you both LOVED beating the pinata at dad's party tonight; you both were a little crazy with it like you had oodles of pent up aggression!

you boys LOVE having your car seats side by side. you were fighting so bad in the car today though that i pulled over and separated you. you both were so sad and crying hysterically! i finally put you back together and you wouldn't stop holding hands. now you hold hands in the car and everywhere you go. every time they start holding hands will always says "mama! mama! mama!" and shows me they are holding hands. it really is sweet.

Sam: you still love story time at the library, and i'm always so proud of you for how well behaved you are there. i also love that you always have a topic you want books about and you always ask the librarian. you've been set on farm books and books about the earth & universe lately. i love that you have so much awe and reverence for the earth. you checked out educational/factual books about the universe, and i find you laying in bed looking at them during your resting time. you are always wanting me to explain them to you. even your prayers are precious. you always say thank you for the earth, trees, sky, sun, air, house, and just everything. it warms my heart every time. we say you are going to be our hippie child.

Will: one of my favorite things that you say is "again". any time you want more of something you always say "again". if you want to repeat something you always say "again". i've never heard you say "more", always just "again", and it's so cute.

Sam: you've turned into a list maker, and you love checking it off. dad helped you make a list today for your jobs, and you were totally into it and wanted to add more and more to the list. you were so excited about his help with it you told me that you don't like me anymore and you only like dad now. i was CRUSHED! you quickly covered that by saying you like us both. that's better, but i didn't think it would hurt my feelings so much to hear those words come out of your mouth. up until then, you've thought i was the world. :(

Will: you scrapped your knee, and you want to show everyone, especially sam. you follow him around saying "AM! AM!" until he looks at it. sam is getting a little tired of it and always says "i know. i've seen your owie already!" you don't cry much at all if even any when you fall down or get hurt a little.

we would've given you both away today! you were driving us crazy! i don't think i've ever heard so much whining in my life! especially sam. he wouldn't stop talking or whining. EVERYTHING we said he asked why and then whined about our response, and he never wanted to do what we asked and of course whined about that. he was always hungry or thirsty in the very second we couldn't do anything about it. pete and i both had a breaking point moment with him. after mine he wouldn't stop crying and saying sorry. after pete's he was crushed. tears were brimming, and he didn't say another word for about 10 minutes until he told us his feelings were hurt. i know we both felt horrible, but come on, enough is enough! glad these days are few and far between, and i'm hoping will is not learning from that example!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dear pete...

dear pete,
i just don't have enough words to thank you...
thank you for going to work everyday and allowing me the privilege of staying home every single day to...
tote our children all over town in the bike trailer like little hippie kids,
teach our kids about life by modeling the way we want them to live through endless hours of play, crafts, "school", & talking,
spend time planning & preparing meals and not forcing us to eat what is most convenient & normally saturated with things we don't need,
allow me to relax, read a book, watch a show with the boys,
let my mind be so free to think without the demands entertaining a job,
allow me to explore my mind's most pressing adventure,
give me the time and space to make our house a home where we can all be happy,
seek out opportunities that mold me into the wife, mother, and woman i so badly want to be.

something about feeling that wind on my face today, seeing that perfect blue sky, and hearing will squealing "weeee" with such delight made me realize that there is not a salary big enough that could replace what you've given me at home; thank you for not making me have to choose the salary.

8 school days and counting until you will be joining us on these daily happy little adventures. can't wait!

your wife

Sunday, May 24, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

Sam: your physical look seems to be changing! it's happening so subtly i don't want to miss it! your perfectly porcelain skin is starting to be dotted with freckles. that little button nose of yours is beginning to be covered with them. your hair is getting blonder from endless hours in the sun. you have lost that baby huskiness, now you are just tall and slimmer but still stout. your smile is getting bigger, your teeth are so straight and perfect, and that little over bite seems to be correcting itself. your eyes can't make up their mind on the color anymore. some days they look blue and other days green. you tell me you want them blue like mom's; we'll keep watching. you are having less bruises on your shins and more scrapped knees and elbows. your feet are huge! now a size 10 1/2- 11. we are no longer shopping in the baby section. you are in size 5 now. it really is happening. the time is flying by, and you are getting bigger! you don't love it though. you tell me all the time you want to stay my little boy. every night we smash you back down in an attempt to fulfill your wish and keep you little. it's obviously not working. you've gone from a toddler to a kid right before our very eyes.

Will: you are changing, too. you have had a major growth spurt up. you have gotten tall, but still so skinny and lightweight. your hair is finally where it started when sam gave you the buzz cut. it's also getting so much blonder from the sun. your brown eyes are just as big as ever, and i hope that never changes. you love smiling all the time now. you love the scrunched up face smile, and every time you do it i want to scrunch you up it's so cute. you're running all over now, and thankfully you still have that baby run that i love... the stomach out, the one arm swinging, and the feet moving so fast under you that you look like you could fall any second. your fingernails are always so long; they grow like CRAZY, and you can't stand it if one starts peeling, but you don't mind clipping them. it's hard for me to believe that you are growing up, too. you still seem like our little baby will, and you are constantly reminding us that you are the baby. it's one of your favorite things to say.

Sam: sorry, sam, but you were driving me crazy all day long! we go to the store, and you insist on riding in the bottom basket of the cart; of course you don't fit there! we go to the other store, and you spend 5 minutes getting in and out of the car. at home, you're whiny. you unroll a whole new roll of toilet paper. you're wild and climbing the walls. so wild in fact that you knocked by green flower bowl off the shelf and break it. you cry because you want to go to bed, and then you cry when you are in bed. ahhhh! that's how you were the whole day!! thankfully we normally jive better on these days.

Will: my favorite thing you say is "oh". anytime i give you an explanation you look at me like you totally get it, tilt your head to one side, and quietly say"oh". you seem very content with answers instead of always asking why like your older brother always has. thanks for always being so content.

Sam: you are always talking about your 10 year birthday. you can't wait, and you are always asking when you will be 10. i'm not sure what the fascination is. i just want to remember how excited you have always been to turn 10 and see if you are just as excited about it when you actually are turning 10!

Will: you LOVE basketball and always have. now that you are getting older your love for it is getting more advanced. i will find you out in the back yard already playing basketball; you just wander out and help yourself. you will play forever quite some time all by yourself. you like the little goal if it's raised up. if i'm out there with you, then you always pull me to the big goal and have me help you shoot it. you could very well be our basketball player if this interest and skill keeps up.

Sam: you love parties, especially if your "friends" are going to be there. you've been telling people that your mom already had her birthday but you are going to have another party at your "friends" house (kol & luk). you keep asking everyday if we have missed the party. missing anything would devastate you.

Will: this is going to get interesting. you started climbing out of your crib today. you got out after your nap and came downstairs and i was so confused. when i asked how you got out you told me the baby did it. since you've showed me how you climb out seamlessly. you just flip your leg over and then slide your body down the railing. you are so proud, but i'm not loving how long it takes to get you to sleep!

both of you boys are getting better and better on your bikes every week. we do a lot of riding. sam started popping wheelies on his bike today. you were so proud and wanted me to keep filming you. then you wanted to be my coach and teach me tricks. of course you're always racing, too. you always say you are the winner, but half the time no one even knows they are racing you. :) will has gotten excellent on his bike, too. he has a ton of control and NO fear! he is already wanting to fly down hills, and it's crazy how well he can steer. he loves riding down the gradual incline on our driveway. i think he's going to go in the road every time, but he always turns onto the sidewalk; he's pretty smooth and controlled already. he loves it; he always asks to go on the bike. we have to bring it most of the day when we can't be outside. now that's fun.

Sam: every night i put you to bed i always say... "i love you. you are my very special boy and nothing is ever going to change that." tonight he responded by saying "i know that. you tell me all the time!" i guess it is sinking in!

Will: we may be turning over a new leaf with you. since you learned to climb out of your crib you will not go to sleep at night or for naps. oh, and add that you are now sucking your thumb at night. wow, a lot can happen in 3 days! i'm hoping the sleeping works itself out. now that your mattress is lowered to the floor and you can't get out you just stand in your crib saying "OUT! STUCK!". i can hardly think you're ready for a big bed; you still seem like our little baby.

Friday, May 22, 2009

spiderman/batman anyone?

i've slacked a little on getting a friday activity post up, but don't worry, we've still been full of it. one of our latest creations has been an ongoing hit. it takes a little prep work and a little messy, but oh so worth it... PAPER MACHE! we used our paper mache to make spiderman and batman masks, but i'm sure the possibilities are endless of fun things to make. here's the recipe we used...

Paper Maiche Recipe

Begin with one cup water; mix in about a quarter cup of flour, until the mixture is thin and runny. stir this mixture into five cups lightly boiling water. gently boil and stir for 2-3 minutes. cool until you can dip your paper in it without getting burned. pour the paste into a shallow tray. dip strips of newspaper (2-3 inches wide) and paste the strips over a form, such as an inflated balloon. add as many layers as you like. put it outside in the sun to dry or dry overnight in the house.

once our mache forms dried, then we cut it in half and cut out the shapes of our masks, painted it, attached elastic to the back, and there you have it... spiderman and batman masks that provide endless amounts of dress up entertainment.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

not a creature was stirring...

...until will learned to climb out of his crib. i thought he would sleep in his crib without ever having to lower it until he was at least 4. that proved wrong today. i was downstairs sewing this afternoon while he was napping. he surprised me by walking into the room with sam still sleeping soundly in his own bed. he was so happy and saying "OUT! OUT!" i thought it was surely a fluke, a one time deal. man, was i wrong! we are going on 2 1/2 hours of attempting bedtime. we lowered the crib all the way, and he is still climbing out. i forgot what these long nights were like; i'm not so sure i'm ready to go back...

crockpot thursday

this is not a crockpot recipe, but it might as well be since it is sooo easy! as the weather warms up i'm always looking for quick recipes that are light & easy while still being healthy & delicious. this is an old stand-by favorite. i recently made it and was pleasantly reminded of why i like it. it fits the requirement of quick, easy, and delicious.

Greek-Style Pitas

3 chicken breasts
1/2 bottle Italian salad dressing
package of whole wheat pitas
1 8 oz. carton plain yogurt
1 lemon, juiced (appr. 2 tbsp)
1 garlic clove
1/2 cucumber, skinned and diced
1 tsp. mint

marinate chicken in dressing overnight or 5 hours. grill chicken and cut into 1-inch chunks. to make dressing combine yogurt, lemon juice, garlic, and cucumber. stuff pitas with chicken and sauce. i also love stuffing sprouts or lettuce and tomatoes in mine. i love the sauce and go a little crazy with that, too.


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

take that humble pie, adam!!

i was definitely a kris fan. adam could use a little humility, so take your humble pie and EAT it! way to go, kris!!

i 'heart' this book!!

thank you, pete, for checking the wish list! i haven't been able to put the Seams to Me book down! there is seriously so much helpful info for a seamstress at any experience level. and did i mention the cute patterns!? i plan on getting to most of them as soon as i finish all the projects i have going. the 1st one on the list is the Full Contact Cooking Apron...

and what better fabric to use than my mother's day fabric that the boys picked out. i'm hoping by sunday this will be what i'm doing.

Monday, May 18, 2009

love birds

i recently ran across this journal entry i wrote awhile ago about pete. i was so happy that i wrote it and so happy to have found it again during pete-a-kah! so here's my pete-a-kah gift today....

"i loved my my early morning walk this morning. i loved the clear sky and crisp air. i loved the quiet streets, and i loved knowing that pete and the boys were at home and would be waiting for my return. but the part i loved the best was the birds. i heard one couple calling to each other. one was on the rooftop and the other was in a tree right above me. i watched the bird on the roof calling and watching the bird in the tree. the call was so loud, so clear, so purposeful. i loved the obvious response call. i haven't been able to stop thinking about that. i know very little about birds, but i do know some have mating calls. i think i was witnessing that call today. i thought about my mating call to pete. is it as obvious and as focused as the birds i saw this morning? what am i calling? what is my call? what do i want it to be? after pondering that question throughout the walk and day, i now know what i want my call to say to him. i want to call to pete that i trust him, that i support him, that i will follow him anywhere, that my life is about him, too. i want my call to be as loud and as purposeful as the birds today on my morning walk."

Sunday, May 17, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

when i started this a few weeks ago i was certain it would serve as a reminder for every thing we do that i never want to forget. however, i've noticed that i will never be able to write down everything like how often will has a dirty face, how it feels to have the boys climbing all over us on the cool evening spring grass, all the hugs and kisses i get in a day, how often they want to go to norma's in a day and then watching them run across gwen's grass, the stories we read, the shows we watch, the tastes of our family meals, the meal requests, and on and on. i just need to constantly remind myself that this may be the best i get it and it will be far better than nothing!

Sam: he told me today that if he ever didn't have me then he would cry all the time. well, i feel the same way. am i just incredibly lucky to have a child who tells me things like this constantly or do all young kids say these things to their mothers and then it just eventually stops???

Will: he LOVES to play duck duck goose, and we laugh our heads every time. he loves to be "it". he walks around so slowly with a very long stride saying duck, duck, duck, duck, duck probably 20 times. he never says goose, but you know when he means it because he says duck and takes off running. if he's no "it" but hears the word goose if he's not tagged he gets up and runs all over. it is SO funny! this is certainly a memory that i NEVER want to forget!

Sam: he and i were out working in the yard today while will was sleeping. i was mowing, and i put him in charge of watering our new garden. i looked up at just the perfect time to see him stick the hose down his pants. i thought i was going to die!

Will: this is a kid who likes everything clean, especially his teeth and hands. he wants to brush his teeth at least 4 times per day, and will whine and say "uh oh" any time a little dirt gets on his hands. i'm ok with that, and he must be, too. :)

Sam: you have been dying for my birthday; you woke me up at 6:30 and said "mom, it's your birthday! happy mother's day! just kidding, happy birthday!" you are so full of it. you immediately wanted to pull out the party decorations and begin decorating. thanks for all the honoring

Will: you were so sick today and wouldn't get off my lap all day. poor baby. :(

the 2 of you had me laughing my head off tonight! you both were on my lap having a mommy competition. will was being the most aggressive and finally decided to start saying sam's name. he kept screaming "sam, go dada!" he wanted sam off my lap and onto to dada's lap. at least i know he can say sam now!
this took the cake. i got sam out of the bath 1st tonight and wrapped him up burrito style in his towel. will was still in the tub, and sam kept leaning over the tub sticking the top of his head in the water draining out and making will laugh. i took the opportunity to pee while they were entertaining. as soon as i started peeing sam fell into the tub head 1st. he was still wrapped burrito style so he could couldn't move his hands to push himself up, so he lay screaming in 4 inches of water wrapped in his towel. my instinct pushed me off the toilet causing me to pee all over the toilet while sam was still laying in the tub screaming. nobody got hurt, but i haven't been able to stop laughing all night!

Sam: you informed today that you don't like Jesus anymore. when i asked you why, this was your response "we have to talk about for so long in primary!".
Will: you loved the ABC park today, but you are getting to a hard park age. you want to do everything, but you aren't quite capable yet. eyes cannot be taken off you for a second. it's fun watching you have such a good time.

i saw the biggest glimpse of brotherhood bonds today. on our walk to the park today i looked down in the stroller and saw the 2 of you holding hands and doing it peacefully, like you liked it. a few minutes later sam told me that he really loves his brother. i think will is feeling the same way. today was the day he has said 'Sam' over and over. it sounds just like he's saying 'Am'. every time he was doing something he would say "Am! Am!" over and over so Sam would watch him. all that makes me happy and hopeful there is a great chance of friendship.

we all went garage selling this morning, and sam always loves it. the hunt must be exhilarating for him, too, because all morning he was saying let's go to SOOO many today! the best find of the day was finding will a light saber for only 50 cents. both boys were thrilled, i think sam more than will, but still both thrilled. i loved sam's comment about buying it. he said they would play with it for a long time and then sell it in our garage sale when they were all done. good thinking, sam!

Sam: you gave the scripture in primary today. i about died at how big you have gotten! you took your seat at the front all on your own and sat so reverently. you looked huge, too! you LOVE the microphone and being in the spotlight. i'll be shocked if you are ever scared of public speaking! i am so proud of you!
Will: you got lucky enough to skip church due to the almost 4 hour nap you took! i guess you are still catching up from missing sleep in our bed during this past week of you being sick.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

happy pete-a-kah!

pete and i are lucky enough to have our birthdays exactly 2 weeks apart. when we were dating, pete declared the 1st 2 weeks of may as jen-a-kah, and the next 2 weeks between our birthdays as pete-a-kah (ya know, a spin off Hanukah). we would do some type of celebrating every day for that whole time! sometimes it was just a note and other times a gift or dinner out. it has been a fun thing we've tried to keep for the past 9 years (holy cow!!). now that my birthday is over, jen-a-kah has ended, and we have officially entered the pete-a-kah celebration. brace yourselves for any pete-a-kah sentiments that may end up on the blog; now you know what it's all about, so please, feel free to join in the celebration. :) HAPPY PETE-A-KAH!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

what was great about turning 30...

*being woken up at 6:30 am by sam to wish me happy birthday, complete with the chocolate candies we had been saving to share on my special day

*having 2 little boys who wouldn't stay off my lap all day

*having lunch with my mom at L&L; the manager there guessed i was turning 22! he thought i looked no where near 30; humor me. :)

*shopping with my sister and splurging on myself for a new pair of capris that cost more than i've ever spent on an article of clothing; turning over a new leaf perhaps?

*a dinner party with my family, planned and prepared by pete; he's so thoughtful.

*angel food cake with strawberries and whip cream

*a new tan hat that i can actually pull off, a new soup pot that i've so desperately needed, a wind chime, and the seams to me book

*feeling the same today as i felt yesterday at age 29 except maybe one day more mature and perhaps a little more womanly

*knowing that i have lots to still look forward to

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

this is the last time...

i will ever make a blog post while i am in my 20s. that will all be changing tomorrow. i'm not worried about it like i had anticipated. i look to all the friends and acquaintances i have that are in their mid-30s; they are still beautiful, successful, full of life, and happy. i know it's not over. my 72 year old neighbor told me today that i'm about to embark on the best 30 years of my life. that is a little hard to believe because the last 30 years have been pretty stinkin' good. here's to the next 30 years being even better, if that's really possible!

Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day projects

the boys and i made these towels to give as gifts this year, and i must admit that i LOVE the way they turned out. the personal touch will be something that i know i will cherish forever, especially each stitch that sam made and each stitch will tried to make. :)

Sunday, May 10, 2009

it's a privelage, really

i had hoped to post this yesterday for mother's day, but with all the festivities yesterday it didn't happen. however, the thoughts were some that i wanted to hang onto for this time of my life.

"recognize that the joy of motherhood comes in moments. There will be hard times and frustrating times. But amid the challenges, there are shining moments of joy and satisfaction." Elder M. Russell Ballard

this has been the thought of the day for me. i must admit that i had convinced myself after the arrival of my 1st that every moment would joyful and full; if not, i was certain i could force it to be that way. without a doubt, 3 1/2 years into it, i've learned that every moment is not joyful and no amount of forcing could make the endless hours of devotion to another human's care always be enjoyable. however, what i have learned is that my attitude about it could be joyful (or at least an attempt at it!). so far in this journey i have had many fleeting moments that have reminded that while motherhood can be hard and frustrating, it really is such a privilege.
it is a privilege to rock a child to sleep for the 4th time at 2:00 am; it is a privilege to be needed like that.
it is a privilege it to discipline a child over and over again; it is a privilege to have that kind of influence on your child's moral development and disposition.
it is a privilege to prepare healthy meals for my family even if i have the mess to clean up in the end; it is a privilege to have such an important role in their physical health and habits.
it is a privilege to have 20 messes to clean up in a day, every day; it is a privilege for little minds to have the opportunity to experiment and learn.
it is a privilege to be home day after day, doing the same things over and over again with little validation or recognition; it is a privilege to be home with these kids and be the main influence in their lives.

motherhood is a privilege that i would never trade for all the other privileges this world could offer.

i don't want to miss a thing

Sam: there is no doubt you know how your mother operates already. i LOVED this comment by you tonight. we had walked to the grocery store as a family, and on the way home pete was telling you that my birthday was coming and wanted to know what you wanted to do for it. you said "i have a great idea! let's paint her table for her birthday!" oh, how that's what i would love more than anything. now, if i can just get him to always get me like that!

Will: you love jumping on the trampoline; you mostly love for me to get on with you and jump high while holding you tight. i can be anywhere in the yard at any given time, and you will come take my hand, lead me to the tramp, point up to it and say mama. i feel bad that i don't get every time with you.
Sam: you have occasional fits that could shame anyone, maybe even me at your age. :) you had one today, and it was hard for me to keep my cool. you love pushing my buttons by picking on will and then throwing a fit about time-out. today you wanted will's batman that he had. i gave my best attempt to teach sharing without letting you take it from will. you got mad at threw something at me. i sent you to your room for time-out. of course you were screaming hysterically and wouldn't stay in, so i had to shut you in. you still came out, and i wasn't happy so i had to hold the door with you screaming and kicking. i was finally able to walk away, but you were in there for about 20 more minutes screaming before calming down. it's a good thing because i needed that time to calm down, too. you were fine and apologetic when you came out.

Will: you are starting to talk a lot more. one of your favorite things you say is "want that". you've also been saying "let's go" a lot.
Sam: you've been telling me for the last week that you love to learn. you are telling me that you are learning to sew right now. i made you some sewing cards with your super hero guys, and you want to "sew" all the time. :)

Will: you are always turning the water on in the bath tub, and you've just barely learned to turn it off. you love turning it on to fill up cups or wash things off. you have to have everything clean. it's something you do constantly throughout the day.

sam made up a pretend game called "woof woof". this is when he slips into his dog identity. he put socks on his hands and feet for paws. he only barks and eats and drinks out of bowls. it's funny how he does this. now will loves playing, too. they crawl around on all fours barking. sam calls himself woof woof and calls will baby woof woof. i love these pretend games.

Pete has been the assistant track coach at his school. he had a track meet today that we went to. the boys and i both loved it. sam was making up his own races on the grass for him and will. he was telling me to be the coach and tell them that they are doing good and to run faster. he picked up very quickly that pete was the coach and doing those same things. my favorite part was watching them both be so interested in the track meet and all the things surrounding that like the bleachers, the hills, the school letter display, the other kids there, the concession stand, etc. by the end of the meet the boys were playing with another group of kids behind us on the grass. they were all running and rolling down hills and climbing on letters. it was almost like watching myself when we lived in reydon. there was a sense of pride that your dad was kind of in charge. you felt a bit more confidence and ownership over the school related event that you were at when your dad was there. i am so thankful this is the life that our boys will have.

Sam: you have been a little concerned about stockton's head surgery after hearing me talking on the phone about his head being swollen. tonight you asked me if stockton's face looked like norma's. i asked what you meant and you wanted to know if it was stretchy like norma's. i think you meant wrinkly, and no, that's not the same thing as swollen! :)

Will: you were such a mama's boy tonight. if pete even got near you, then you would have a major freak out. the second you got on my lap the freak out stopped. it was kind of cute, but i felt bad for pete.
Sam: i think he is one of my biggest fans. i've been working on an embroidery for mother's day. i took it in the car to work on when we were on the way to a bbq with some of pete's friends. when we got back in the car to come home, sam said "oh no, mom, you forget to show everyone what you are working on!" he seems so proud of all my projects.

Will: i love you always saying and waving bye-bye. whenever you are done with something (like being at someone's house too long) you start waving to everyone and saying bye-bye. so cute!
today was mother's day. i LOVED that the boys gave me fabric! pete took them shopping to choose me a yard a fabric. sam picked it for everyone. he chose one with balls and flames from Will, fire trucks from Sam, and purple butterflies from dad. I love that they know my interests. i plan to make some cute little aprons. thanks, guys!

Sam: it was his 1st day singing in church with the primary; they sang for mother's day, and he was so excited. he very confidently walked to the front of the chapel on his own, stood on the front row, and didn't sing a word. you were busy looking around at the other kids being disappointed that you didn't get to use the microphone. i couldn't hold back the tears; i remembered one particular occassion when you were a baby; the primary sang then and remember thinking that it felt like you would never be big enough to sing with the primary, and now so quickly you are big enough. sigh. smile.

today at church will and sam wanted to be on my lap the whole time at the same time. normally that works ok, but sam wasn't having that today. he stood up and looked at me and said "today i want all of your parts!"

on our mother's day picnic with my family, sam had a funny moment with another boy on the playground. the boy was pretending he had a gun and was shooting everyone. he pointed his "finger gun" in sam's face and said he was going to shoot him. sam responded like this: pushed the kid's hand out of his face and said "no you won't! i guess you've never heard of the super friends before!" then ran off. what a perfect response!

we were reading a book about a boy crying. sam and i were trying to figure out why he was crying. sam wasn't offering any ideas, so i asked him why he cries. his response was "because i want everything." at least he's honest!!

Will: he was funny for mother's day. he didn't want much to do with me today. he preferred pete until he saw his auntie at the picnic, then his preference was her. he calls her mama, too, and cries when she leaves. i'm glad he loves more than just me. :)

you LOVE to swing. it was fun watching you tonight. you were in the swing most of the night, and you loved leaning back. it was cute.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

my wish list

things i'm saving for:

*sand blasted jeans from lerner
*a stereo
*a cd case

this was a list i made in 1996. a few things have changed since then. thankfully i'm not wearing sandblasted jeans anymore. the thing hasn't changed is that i'm still making lists like this in 2009. my wish list has grown a little in 13 years!

things i'm saving for 2009:

*the book seams to me: 24 new reasons to love sewing by anna marie horner

*the book the gentle art of domesticity: stitching, baking, nature, art & the comforts of home by jane brocket

*fabric, fabric, fabric! for these projects... table runner for my new table, dresses for my brother's girls, throw pillows i've been working on in my mind for months, amy butler lounge pants, oodles of quilts that i've been wanting to get started on; this time they will stay in my home, re-upholstering my little bench that i've always seen major potential in

*this pattern and this pattern

*this picture that i LOVE

*shoes, shoes, shoes! running shoes, dress shoes, and shoes to wear every day

*clothes of every kind; the only requirement is that they fit and are fun

maybe with mother's day and my birthday coming up next week i can check some of these things off my list. :)

two missing monkeys

today 2 monkeys went missing from our local zoo.
one male and one female.
they were both 3 years old.
they were last seen at the elephants.
within just a matter minutes they were gone.
my sister and i frantically searched each end of the zoo
with the help of a whole group of moms.
the security wasn't much help.
we managed to guard the entrances to be sure they didn't escape.
thankfully my sister found them by the giraffes.
they were safe and holding hands.
they said they were lost and looking for their moms.
they wanted to check out a few animals along the way.
they weren't shaken, not at all like their mothers.
i'm going to have to harness my little monkey.
this is the 3rd time i've lost my little monkey.
thankfully experience has made me much less hysterical.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

i feel like i spend so much of my day refereeing and saying "no". these 2 boys have been driving each other crazy with all their picking on each other, and in turn they are driving me crazy. sam is always picking will up until will screams, will hits him, sam pinches him, will splashes sam in the tub, sam pours a bucket of water on his head, and on and on. today has been a day where the pestering has worn me out and turned me into psycho mom. they have got to stop this. brothers are supposed to be bffs right? i had a thought awhile and with exception of today it has been working. i think they spend too much time together. it seems i'm constantly trying to keep them together to play, eat, bathe, etc. i'm certain after so much time they get on each others' nerves, do i've started doing things separately when i can. for example, i bathe them separately every other night, feed them breakfast separately bc sam wakes up 1st, let them play alone, and on and on. it has worked. absence for a short time has made their hearts grow fonder, with exception of today!
Sam: he had his 1st experience with what happens when you stick keys into a light socket. yes, it really does spray flames out the outlet, it melts through the metal face plate, and burns the cabinet. the fortunate part is that he didn't even get a little shock. THANK GOODNESS!! i think the breaker shut off pretty quick. he's scared silly now, and i was pretty shaken, too.
glad to see him taking care of his brother today at carls jr. as soon as they got into the playland sam reminded the other kids that they had to be nice to his brother. :)
Will: you LOVE wee-ma. anytime she is around you want nothing to do with mother. that's ok for a day. i'm glad you have that relationship with her. you do prefer to call her mee-mee.
i am so grateful i stay home with these boys. i am so grateful we live so close to so many parks. i am so grateful we walk to a different one several times a week. i'm so grateful to see sam laying in the grass staring at the sky or rubbing his hands over the spring grass. i'm so grateful to see will mastering things like climbing up a ladder and being so brave to attempt everything else. i'm so grateful that they love running through the grass barefoot on the way home. i'm so grateful will does whatever sam does, even tries walking like him, crawling after him like a dog, and walking home instead of riding in the stroller. i am so grateful for the green park, the school park, the tractor park, and the abc park. i am so grateful that we have legs that can get us there. i am so grateful.
Sam: he was told tonight by a client of mine that he looks just like his dad; that never sits well with him. he thinks he looks just like me, which is totally comical. if he's not a spitting image of pete, then i don't know what is! i love that he wants to look like me. the stinker thing he did tonight was built his 1st barricade to keep us out of his room. he had been sent to his room to calm down; in his major attitude fit he was going to show all of us and block us out. he piled bags of books, toys, blankets, calvin's dog bed, and whatever he could get his hands on. after about 45 minutes he squeezed himself out and was fine but informed us that he wanted no one in his room. it's already beginning!
Will: he has officially decided that he doesn't like me doing hair. i had to finish up my work day with the boys and on pete; will wasn't having it. he just cries at my legs saying "mama, mama, mama!" so sad.
Sam: i never seen a person so happy about new underwear! i got him some batman, starwars, and spiderman underwear underwear, and he was so happy i thought he was going to go through the roof! i also got him a new shirt that says "my mom rocks". he was pretty happy about that, too. he said, "yeah, baby, i like rockin'!"
Will: i'm so glad that you're such an easy baby when it comes to sleep. you love your routine at bedtime though. you have to have a story; you prefer the same ones over and over. it's normally the barney book or a book about ducks. you also have to have your songs: bounce bounce, i love you, and good night sweetheart. we can't forget your baby either. you snuggle her up under your arm, pull your blanket over your head, and you are out. thanks for making it so easy to get you to sleep!

Sam: we spent the night with dawn dawn tonight. we brought emi along with us, too. i loved listening to the 2 of you carrying on in the car. you were singing made up songs to each other. emi was singing songs about jesus, faith, and being good. you were singing songs about building houses for your mama. that suits both of your personalities right now!
i also loved this conversation:
sam: we are going to ganny's farm this summer.
emi: (in a very sassy voice) well, i've already been to ganny's farm. i got to go first! i've already been there! i got to go first!
sam: (in such a kind voice) that's ok, emi. i don't care if you got to go first.
Will: you have Sam's name once. it's like you refuse. it's hard for me to believe that you are actually refusing, so i've convinced myself that maybe you can't say it. well, i don't believe that anymore. the whole time we were with emi, you were saying "em! em! em! em! em!" i know you can make that sound so you should be able to say sam. you adore emi. i wish you cared more for your brother. that will be a major mother struggle for me if you and sam never decide to be friends.
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