Sunday, May 3, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

i feel like i spend so much of my day refereeing and saying "no". these 2 boys have been driving each other crazy with all their picking on each other, and in turn they are driving me crazy. sam is always picking will up until will screams, will hits him, sam pinches him, will splashes sam in the tub, sam pours a bucket of water on his head, and on and on. today has been a day where the pestering has worn me out and turned me into psycho mom. they have got to stop this. brothers are supposed to be bffs right? i had a thought awhile and with exception of today it has been working. i think they spend too much time together. it seems i'm constantly trying to keep them together to play, eat, bathe, etc. i'm certain after so much time they get on each others' nerves, do i've started doing things separately when i can. for example, i bathe them separately every other night, feed them breakfast separately bc sam wakes up 1st, let them play alone, and on and on. it has worked. absence for a short time has made their hearts grow fonder, with exception of today!
Sam: he had his 1st experience with what happens when you stick keys into a light socket. yes, it really does spray flames out the outlet, it melts through the metal face plate, and burns the cabinet. the fortunate part is that he didn't even get a little shock. THANK GOODNESS!! i think the breaker shut off pretty quick. he's scared silly now, and i was pretty shaken, too.
glad to see him taking care of his brother today at carls jr. as soon as they got into the playland sam reminded the other kids that they had to be nice to his brother. :)
Will: you LOVE wee-ma. anytime she is around you want nothing to do with mother. that's ok for a day. i'm glad you have that relationship with her. you do prefer to call her mee-mee.
i am so grateful i stay home with these boys. i am so grateful we live so close to so many parks. i am so grateful we walk to a different one several times a week. i'm so grateful to see sam laying in the grass staring at the sky or rubbing his hands over the spring grass. i'm so grateful to see will mastering things like climbing up a ladder and being so brave to attempt everything else. i'm so grateful that they love running through the grass barefoot on the way home. i'm so grateful will does whatever sam does, even tries walking like him, crawling after him like a dog, and walking home instead of riding in the stroller. i am so grateful for the green park, the school park, the tractor park, and the abc park. i am so grateful that we have legs that can get us there. i am so grateful.
Sam: he was told tonight by a client of mine that he looks just like his dad; that never sits well with him. he thinks he looks just like me, which is totally comical. if he's not a spitting image of pete, then i don't know what is! i love that he wants to look like me. the stinker thing he did tonight was built his 1st barricade to keep us out of his room. he had been sent to his room to calm down; in his major attitude fit he was going to show all of us and block us out. he piled bags of books, toys, blankets, calvin's dog bed, and whatever he could get his hands on. after about 45 minutes he squeezed himself out and was fine but informed us that he wanted no one in his room. it's already beginning!
Will: he has officially decided that he doesn't like me doing hair. i had to finish up my work day with the boys and on pete; will wasn't having it. he just cries at my legs saying "mama, mama, mama!" so sad.
Sam: i never seen a person so happy about new underwear! i got him some batman, starwars, and spiderman underwear underwear, and he was so happy i thought he was going to go through the roof! i also got him a new shirt that says "my mom rocks". he was pretty happy about that, too. he said, "yeah, baby, i like rockin'!"
Will: i'm so glad that you're such an easy baby when it comes to sleep. you love your routine at bedtime though. you have to have a story; you prefer the same ones over and over. it's normally the barney book or a book about ducks. you also have to have your songs: bounce bounce, i love you, and good night sweetheart. we can't forget your baby either. you snuggle her up under your arm, pull your blanket over your head, and you are out. thanks for making it so easy to get you to sleep!

Sam: we spent the night with dawn dawn tonight. we brought emi along with us, too. i loved listening to the 2 of you carrying on in the car. you were singing made up songs to each other. emi was singing songs about jesus, faith, and being good. you were singing songs about building houses for your mama. that suits both of your personalities right now!
i also loved this conversation:
sam: we are going to ganny's farm this summer.
emi: (in a very sassy voice) well, i've already been to ganny's farm. i got to go first! i've already been there! i got to go first!
sam: (in such a kind voice) that's ok, emi. i don't care if you got to go first.
Will: you have Sam's name once. it's like you refuse. it's hard for me to believe that you are actually refusing, so i've convinced myself that maybe you can't say it. well, i don't believe that anymore. the whole time we were with emi, you were saying "em! em! em! em! em!" i know you can make that sound so you should be able to say sam. you adore emi. i wish you cared more for your brother. that will be a major mother struggle for me if you and sam never decide to be friends.


sarah jane said...

You have insprired me to do a little kid journal. I think it is a very clever idea. THANKS

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

I love these posts! You will be so glad you wrote it down. I think I will copy you and do it too, but not on my blog.

Ganny said...

Wow!!!!! KIDS...... My kids never liked each other.....and still don't. sumthun went wrong... guess it was me, because two of them don't like me either. Ganny

katwalk said...

I'm so glad that will loves me too but remember sam really loved me I remember with him he loved my hair always wanted to rub his face in my hair but now it is strictly on sam's terms most of them go through it at some point but I have to admit since will could walk if I'm around he's at my feet I don't really care what he calls me just call me something

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