Tuesday, May 26, 2009

dear pete...

dear pete,
i just don't have enough words to thank you...
thank you for going to work everyday and allowing me the privilege of staying home every single day to...
tote our children all over town in the bike trailer like little hippie kids,
teach our kids about life by modeling the way we want them to live through endless hours of play, crafts, "school", & talking,
spend time planning & preparing meals and not forcing us to eat what is most convenient & normally saturated with things we don't need,
allow me to relax, read a book, watch a show with the boys,
let my mind be so free to think without the demands entertaining a job,
allow me to explore my mind's most pressing adventure,
give me the time and space to make our house a home where we can all be happy,
seek out opportunities that mold me into the wife, mother, and woman i so badly want to be.

something about feeling that wind on my face today, seeing that perfect blue sky, and hearing will squealing "weeee" with such delight made me realize that there is not a salary big enough that could replace what you've given me at home; thank you for not making me have to choose the salary.

8 school days and counting until you will be joining us on these daily happy little adventures. can't wait!

your wife


Pete said...

Thanks Snookie, It has been a rewarding experience to be your husband and see what kind of woman you have become. I am honored that almost eight years ago you said yes.

Anonymous said...

so sweet couple...

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