Sunday, May 24, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

Sam: your physical look seems to be changing! it's happening so subtly i don't want to miss it! your perfectly porcelain skin is starting to be dotted with freckles. that little button nose of yours is beginning to be covered with them. your hair is getting blonder from endless hours in the sun. you have lost that baby huskiness, now you are just tall and slimmer but still stout. your smile is getting bigger, your teeth are so straight and perfect, and that little over bite seems to be correcting itself. your eyes can't make up their mind on the color anymore. some days they look blue and other days green. you tell me you want them blue like mom's; we'll keep watching. you are having less bruises on your shins and more scrapped knees and elbows. your feet are huge! now a size 10 1/2- 11. we are no longer shopping in the baby section. you are in size 5 now. it really is happening. the time is flying by, and you are getting bigger! you don't love it though. you tell me all the time you want to stay my little boy. every night we smash you back down in an attempt to fulfill your wish and keep you little. it's obviously not working. you've gone from a toddler to a kid right before our very eyes.

Will: you are changing, too. you have had a major growth spurt up. you have gotten tall, but still so skinny and lightweight. your hair is finally where it started when sam gave you the buzz cut. it's also getting so much blonder from the sun. your brown eyes are just as big as ever, and i hope that never changes. you love smiling all the time now. you love the scrunched up face smile, and every time you do it i want to scrunch you up it's so cute. you're running all over now, and thankfully you still have that baby run that i love... the stomach out, the one arm swinging, and the feet moving so fast under you that you look like you could fall any second. your fingernails are always so long; they grow like CRAZY, and you can't stand it if one starts peeling, but you don't mind clipping them. it's hard for me to believe that you are growing up, too. you still seem like our little baby will, and you are constantly reminding us that you are the baby. it's one of your favorite things to say.

Sam: sorry, sam, but you were driving me crazy all day long! we go to the store, and you insist on riding in the bottom basket of the cart; of course you don't fit there! we go to the other store, and you spend 5 minutes getting in and out of the car. at home, you're whiny. you unroll a whole new roll of toilet paper. you're wild and climbing the walls. so wild in fact that you knocked by green flower bowl off the shelf and break it. you cry because you want to go to bed, and then you cry when you are in bed. ahhhh! that's how you were the whole day!! thankfully we normally jive better on these days.

Will: my favorite thing you say is "oh". anytime i give you an explanation you look at me like you totally get it, tilt your head to one side, and quietly say"oh". you seem very content with answers instead of always asking why like your older brother always has. thanks for always being so content.

Sam: you are always talking about your 10 year birthday. you can't wait, and you are always asking when you will be 10. i'm not sure what the fascination is. i just want to remember how excited you have always been to turn 10 and see if you are just as excited about it when you actually are turning 10!

Will: you LOVE basketball and always have. now that you are getting older your love for it is getting more advanced. i will find you out in the back yard already playing basketball; you just wander out and help yourself. you will play forever quite some time all by yourself. you like the little goal if it's raised up. if i'm out there with you, then you always pull me to the big goal and have me help you shoot it. you could very well be our basketball player if this interest and skill keeps up.

Sam: you love parties, especially if your "friends" are going to be there. you've been telling people that your mom already had her birthday but you are going to have another party at your "friends" house (kol & luk). you keep asking everyday if we have missed the party. missing anything would devastate you.

Will: this is going to get interesting. you started climbing out of your crib today. you got out after your nap and came downstairs and i was so confused. when i asked how you got out you told me the baby did it. since you've showed me how you climb out seamlessly. you just flip your leg over and then slide your body down the railing. you are so proud, but i'm not loving how long it takes to get you to sleep!

both of you boys are getting better and better on your bikes every week. we do a lot of riding. sam started popping wheelies on his bike today. you were so proud and wanted me to keep filming you. then you wanted to be my coach and teach me tricks. of course you're always racing, too. you always say you are the winner, but half the time no one even knows they are racing you. :) will has gotten excellent on his bike, too. he has a ton of control and NO fear! he is already wanting to fly down hills, and it's crazy how well he can steer. he loves riding down the gradual incline on our driveway. i think he's going to go in the road every time, but he always turns onto the sidewalk; he's pretty smooth and controlled already. he loves it; he always asks to go on the bike. we have to bring it most of the day when we can't be outside. now that's fun.

Sam: every night i put you to bed i always say... "i love you. you are my very special boy and nothing is ever going to change that." tonight he responded by saying "i know that. you tell me all the time!" i guess it is sinking in!

Will: we may be turning over a new leaf with you. since you learned to climb out of your crib you will not go to sleep at night or for naps. oh, and add that you are now sucking your thumb at night. wow, a lot can happen in 3 days! i'm hoping the sleeping works itself out. now that your mattress is lowered to the floor and you can't get out you just stand in your crib saying "OUT! STUCK!". i can hardly think you're ready for a big bed; you still seem like our little baby.

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