Friday, May 22, 2009

spiderman/batman anyone?

i've slacked a little on getting a friday activity post up, but don't worry, we've still been full of it. one of our latest creations has been an ongoing hit. it takes a little prep work and a little messy, but oh so worth it... PAPER MACHE! we used our paper mache to make spiderman and batman masks, but i'm sure the possibilities are endless of fun things to make. here's the recipe we used...

Paper Maiche Recipe

Begin with one cup water; mix in about a quarter cup of flour, until the mixture is thin and runny. stir this mixture into five cups lightly boiling water. gently boil and stir for 2-3 minutes. cool until you can dip your paper in it without getting burned. pour the paste into a shallow tray. dip strips of newspaper (2-3 inches wide) and paste the strips over a form, such as an inflated balloon. add as many layers as you like. put it outside in the sun to dry or dry overnight in the house.

once our mache forms dried, then we cut it in half and cut out the shapes of our masks, painted it, attached elastic to the back, and there you have it... spiderman and batman masks that provide endless amounts of dress up entertainment.

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Ganny said...

that sure sounds messy to me.Will's eye peeking out the mask looks far more scary than the mask.That is the kind of paste I had when I was a kid. PATIENCE!!!!!!!!!!! Love Ganny

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