Friday, August 29, 2008

new and improved

Not that the old needed improvement, but my sister Amy just had a hair make-over. We were just getting tired of the same old thing. So here's the new.... a blunt bang, short stacked back, and disconnected sides....
Thanks for your reaction; you know, the one where you were jumping up and down saying how much you loved it. I love it, too.

Friday, August 22, 2008

20 pounds so much

Tonight I asked Sam how much he loves his mom, and this is how he expressed it: "I love you 20 pounds so much." I'm assuming that is a real lot. I love you 20 lbs. so much squared!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Excuse me?????

Ok, this post is going to need a slight preface. The conversation you are about to read was not an exchange with attitude or malice or unkind tones even though it may sound like it should have.  I am not angry or bitter; instead, I have been shaking my head all day thinking "did that REALLY just happen!?" Ok, here goes...
Today I went to the beauty supply store and to Office Max. These stores are in the same shopping center but on different ends of the complex. Since I knew I was going to be going to both stores I parked in the middle so I could walk to each different store and not get in my car to drive 6 store fronts down. I bought some things at Office Max that were kind of heavy, so I wasn't going to be able to carry a baby and the bags so I took the cart to my car. I wasn't going to leave my kids in the hot car to return the cart to Office Max, so I pushed it onto the sidewalk and left it there. I was thinking that would be better than leaving it in the parking lot. Well, apparently there was another lady who didn't agree. As I was buckling Sam a lady approached me, and here's the conversation that followed word for word:

Her: Is that an Office Max cart?
Me: Yes, it is. 
Her: Are you going to leave it there in front of our clinic?
Me: Yes, I am.
Her: Well, I think that is really rude.
Me: I'm sorry. Do you have 2 kids?
Her: Actually, I have 3.
Me: Awesome. Then I'm glad we understand each other. 

Then I got in my car and drove away. WHAT in the world!? Although I am not angry about this conversation I still have a few things to say about it. First of all, shouldn't she have been a little more concerned about me leaving my children in a hot car in order to return a shopping cart a ways down the parking lot?? Second of all, shouldn't she have been more concerned that there are people out there that would actually drive their car across the parking lot instead of just walk?? Here's the clincher for me... she was an employee at a Wellness Center. If I understand correctly don't wellness centers focus on integrative mind, body, and spirit approaches for the whole person? So don't you think she would've felt more inner peace and serenity for simply offering to take my cart for me instead of calling me "rude"? I know I would have. I guess the moral of the story is, don't be getting up in people's business especially when it is causing no harm to anyone especially to you. If you see a mother with children leave her cart in a parking lot and it bothers you that bad then by all means do something; do something like offer to take if for her.  I'm sure we have all been guilty of leaving a cart on a sidewalk or parking lot, but I don't make a habit of it. I should've told her that I'm the one normally rounding up the stray carts to bring back to the store as courtesy when I can. I guess I earned the privilege to leave my cart behind once.  Cast your vote on my poll and let me know what your habits are. And to you, Wellness Lady, take a deep breath, take your own advice, and try to relax a little.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Aha, I finally get it

I've been wondering a lot lately why I still look like I'm 6 months pregnant when my baby is now 13 months old. I wonder no more; it's because I make delicious things like this and don't give enough of it away. I actually eat it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

never again

Ok, I am going to try to not post anymore about down on myself times or sad/complaints things about my kids. I had a real eye opener today about the how the tone of my blog (& life!) has become. I found this 
wordles on a friend's blog. The 1st time I did it, it had a total negative tone. I swear it pulled every negative word I have ever written. I decided I needed to be more upbeat and happy. I did the wordles again tonight, and I like this one much better. Try it and get your tone.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The cutest conversation of all time

Ok, have I ever mentioned that Sam is so precious I could  eat him alive? Well, if I haven't, then I mention it now. Let this story be evidence of how precious he is. But first you need a little background. We call Will "Scooter" because he has never crawled and only scoots on his bottom. Unfortunately we all call him Scooter more than we call him Will. Ok, on with the story. 
I asked Sam if we should have another baby in our family. (Don't worry, no plans or news; just a question.) He said "Um, just 1 more, and we will call him " Crawler". Then he said to Will: "And Scooter, he will be your best friend!" SOOOO cute!!! I love everything that comes out of his mouth, well, almost everything!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sam finally sleeps through the night

For all of you who told me Sam wouldn't always struggle with taking naps, going to bed, and sleeping through the night without getting in bed with us every night were right. Why couldn't I have found more peace in that advice from those who actually had been through this at the time when it took me 2 hours a night to get Sam to sleep???? I had such a peaceful moment tonight putting him to bed that I was reminded of the stark contrast of just a few months ago. Oh, those nights were rough, and I certainly didn't do my part to make it easier on him or me. I feel so bad for all the frustration, I feel so bad for putting the gate up in his door to keep him in his room, I feel so bad for seeing and hearing him crying at that gate & it never really worked, I feel so bad for ignoring him when he would come out of his room for the 23rd time to watch me sew, I  feel bad that I just didn't have more faith that it wouldn't be like this forever, and I mostly just feel bad for not holding him and comforting him more during those times and not taking into account what could've been causing him so much distress. Gosh, I just hope he doesn't feel as bad about it as I do. I just don't know what I was so worried about; it wasn't like I was needing to do things more important than helping him. I probably just wanted to blog, sew, or watch tv with Pete. I'm grateful for the sleeping ease now, but truth be known I do kind of miss him climbing into our bed every night and twirling my hair. I guess I'm having a bit of a discouraging night realizing that all the moments of a child's life, even the frustrating ones, are so fleeting. Thankfully, I have learned from this. I have gotten so much better at savoring every second, and hopefully I can look back and feel like I didn't miss one second with these precious kids. 

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Name that handsome YOUNG couple...

You guessed it; that handsome young couple was us  7 years ago on this day. It was our wedding day. I can't believe it has already been 7 years! It has certainly been 7 lovely years.  The best way I could describe how our marriage has been is with this quote Pres. Hinckley made so famous: "In our old age my beloved companion said to me quietly one evening, "You have always given me wings to fly, and I have loved you for it." " This is Pete for sure.  He has been my biggest supporter and gives me as much freedom as I could ever want to develop into the best individual I can be.  He really has a quiet understanding of how a marriage should work. However, we are not perfect, but we really enjoy each other.  I hope to have so many more years as happy as the last 7 have been. 

Here we are now... a little older, a little wiser, and a lot more tired but still happily married. 

We had a great anniversary celebration; we went back to Providence Inn just like we have almost every year. Pete popped for the bridal suite this time; it really helped make us feel like newlyweds again. The part we enjoyed the most was just being together & talking with no distractions. We can't wait to see what this next year will bring.

Pete enjoying our private balcony

Testing the deep tub
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