Monday, November 24, 2008

time out

this is what a 3 year old does in a 3 minute time out. is this impressive or not?

Monday, November 17, 2008

Well, I tried

It has always been a top priority to expose my children to all types of experiences so that they can have as much opportunity as possible. I especially want them to be involved in things that aren't just the norm. My 1st attempt at this was putting Sam in a dance class at my friend Roxey's dance studio. I certainly don't think boys who take dance will be gay despite some criticism I have received from some when I put Sam in this class. He has enjoyed it and been excited about it up until tonight. When I told him he was going to dance class tomorrow he gave me the most hilarious response. In all seriousness he told me he "doesn't want to go to dance class anymore because it makes him feel all weird inside." Well, I guess that settles that. 

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pete did it

Pete was finally convinced of the fun and value in blogging and took it on in a way like I never believed. He started his own blog. Now he is anxiously awaiting visitors and comments, so check it out at  We will all be curious to see what his mind is thinking about. :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Gotta love my kids...

They are in such adorable stages right now!
he was supposed to be taking a nap yesterday; I heard him shuffling around upstairs and then nothing. After a few minutes I checked to be sure he hadn't escaped our house, and this is how I found him. And, yes, those are chocolate cookies. It must have been so tiring eating them because there was still an unchewed piece in his mouth when he fell asleep.

I love  everything that comes out of his mouth...
Yesterday he told me he has blue eyes just like me. I asked him where he got his blue eyes, and he said, "I must have eaten so many blueberries that they turned blue." Very creative. 

Today he asked why we have big daddies. I asked him what he thought and he said "so they can reach tall things and fix things." Very sweet (and true!)

He has started defending everyone he cares about, i.e. Will and Calvin. If Will gets in trouble for hitting him he is quick to say "it's ok; he was just patting." If Calvin gets in trouble for eating our food he says "it's ok; he's just hungry." Love that he sticks up for people; definitely hope that lasts forever. 

He's still our little Scooter Bug even though he's walking now and running at times. He still holds his hand out for balance and looks especially funny when we are cheering for him to run. He has certainly flipped a switch over the last few weeks, and our mr. mellow Scooter Bug now has energy and into much. Still so sweet and cute. 
Every time he sees or hears an airplane he points and starts blowing like crazy. 
He loves having Sam around most of the time now. He laughs hysterically every time Sam tries to play with him.
He loves to hit, but we don't love it so much. If it weren't so naughty to hit, it would actually be kind of cute. 
He finally likes to snuggle in bed with us if we will let him. He mostly just like to get our bed if he can snuggle into my shoulder, and I love it so much I kind of wish he could get in bed with us every day.
His favorite expression. Every pic we have of him he has that "deer in the headlights" look:

My Fall Harvest

That's what I'm calling my table runner that I finished last week; I love it!! And it feels like my best fall harvest ever. I "harvested" my 1st stippling experience, and I was so impressed with myself if I must say so myself. It helps that I had some great pattern choices and stippling tips from one of my favorite blog teachers. She's having a great giveaway going on right now, so if you need some sewing or fabric inspiration or a great prize be sure to out her blog. You won't be disappointed.

Monday, November 10, 2008


We are celebrating today because Bountiful City FINALLY has delivered recycling cans. How did we celebrate around here? We filled it almost full of newspapers, boxes, and plastic bags that we've been stashing until the big day arrived. And to think, for a mere bargain at only $3.05 per month someone will pick up all our recyclables at our house every other week. I think that's a bargain; don't tell, but I would've paid a lot more than that!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What am I doing tonight?
  • listening to Obama's acceptance speech; satisfied with the outcome
  • being happy my kids went to bed at 7:30
  • wishing Pete was home, but grateful I have plenty to do when he's gone, like this quick fun table runner. I was wanting a quick project. I have plenty of big projects piling up. My curtains were supposed to be the quick project, but I can't find any 1 1/2 inch silver grommets. Anyone know where I could get some????
  • admiring this adorable fabric and getting excited about starting this project for a new little addition to our family (through my sister, not me :) 
  • eating too many chips and guacamole. It's no wonder I won't ever be skinny again. Oh well, I guess I have other things.
Good night...
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