Tuesday, February 26, 2013

am i a sun or a moon?

last night on my drive home
i saw the moon popping up over the mountains
and shining on a city that i really do love.
it was big,
and full,
and beautiful.
i was so impressed that i kept pulling off the side of the road trying to capture it with a picture.
each picture just showed a tiny light speck way off in the distance.
nothing came close to capturing the magnitude & nearness of this great ball of light.
it instantly reminded me of the place i have been the last 2 years.
i have been struggling so on the inside.
it has been the darkest of times for me,
and often it has felt like if there was any light in me at all it was just a tiny speck.
there have been many frustrating parts about this experience,
but one of the most frustrating has been the feeling of not being who i know who i am.
i have always been sure my nature has been bright and very full of light.
perhaps more like a sun than a moon.
as i have been seeking and finding help
i am feeling a return of myself.
there has been a return of light on the inside.
it may not be as bright as the sun yet,
but it's at least as bright as that full moon last night.
and moons and suns both give light, right?
i'm just happy to welcome that back,
even if it's just the light of the moon.

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