Sunday, May 31, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

i am soooo grateful that when i take you boys to the store and we look at the toys you don't ask for a thing and you leave when i say it's time to leave without a fuss. HOPEFULLY that will always last. i can't stand watching the kids who throw a fit to get everything they see; you look so confused every time you witness that. please, please, please always be so easy in this way!

Sam: you accidentally peed your pants at play group today because you didn't know where the bathroom was. it reminded me of a time a few weeks ago when you peed your pants out of nowhere. when i asked you why you did it you informed me that you just wanted to know what it felt like. i guess i can buy that.

Will: you have started telling me as soon as you poop or pee your diaper. you get excited saying "POOP! PEEPEE!" and then you want to sit on the potty. i think you think you are going because every time you get off you clap your hands. i hope this is the beginning of early potty training for you! :)

Sam: today was pete's birthday. all you wanted to get him was a batman remote control car. needless to say we couldn't find one, so then you wanted to get him a shirt. we went to patagonia, and you instantly found a red t-shirt with a picture of the earth on it. you were certain it was perfect for dad and had no intention of leaving the store without it, so that's what you gave dad for his birthday.

Will: you LOVED daddy's chocolate birthday cake. we took it to his school to share with the faculty. you were pulling pieces off the table, and you probably ate 2 pieces. i'm really struggling with your eating habits. you will not ANY vegetables; every time i force you to taste vegetables you spit it out and say "YUCK!" the only fruit i can get you to eat is bananas. you love meat, cheese, and sugar. you don't even eat bread. anytime i make you a sandwich you take the bread off and eat only what's in the middle. you are probably not getting all the nutrients you need, but i have no idea how to get you to eat vegetables!

you both LOVED beating the pinata at dad's party tonight; you both were a little crazy with it like you had oodles of pent up aggression!

you boys LOVE having your car seats side by side. you were fighting so bad in the car today though that i pulled over and separated you. you both were so sad and crying hysterically! i finally put you back together and you wouldn't stop holding hands. now you hold hands in the car and everywhere you go. every time they start holding hands will always says "mama! mama! mama!" and shows me they are holding hands. it really is sweet.

Sam: you still love story time at the library, and i'm always so proud of you for how well behaved you are there. i also love that you always have a topic you want books about and you always ask the librarian. you've been set on farm books and books about the earth & universe lately. i love that you have so much awe and reverence for the earth. you checked out educational/factual books about the universe, and i find you laying in bed looking at them during your resting time. you are always wanting me to explain them to you. even your prayers are precious. you always say thank you for the earth, trees, sky, sun, air, house, and just everything. it warms my heart every time. we say you are going to be our hippie child.

Will: one of my favorite things that you say is "again". any time you want more of something you always say "again". if you want to repeat something you always say "again". i've never heard you say "more", always just "again", and it's so cute.

Sam: you've turned into a list maker, and you love checking it off. dad helped you make a list today for your jobs, and you were totally into it and wanted to add more and more to the list. you were so excited about his help with it you told me that you don't like me anymore and you only like dad now. i was CRUSHED! you quickly covered that by saying you like us both. that's better, but i didn't think it would hurt my feelings so much to hear those words come out of your mouth. up until then, you've thought i was the world. :(

Will: you scrapped your knee, and you want to show everyone, especially sam. you follow him around saying "AM! AM!" until he looks at it. sam is getting a little tired of it and always says "i know. i've seen your owie already!" you don't cry much at all if even any when you fall down or get hurt a little.

we would've given you both away today! you were driving us crazy! i don't think i've ever heard so much whining in my life! especially sam. he wouldn't stop talking or whining. EVERYTHING we said he asked why and then whined about our response, and he never wanted to do what we asked and of course whined about that. he was always hungry or thirsty in the very second we couldn't do anything about it. pete and i both had a breaking point moment with him. after mine he wouldn't stop crying and saying sorry. after pete's he was crushed. tears were brimming, and he didn't say another word for about 10 minutes until he told us his feelings were hurt. i know we both felt horrible, but come on, enough is enough! glad these days are few and far between, and i'm hoping will is not learning from that example!


Arin and Troy said...

It sounds like you need to start using your Deceptively Delicious cookbook for Will.

Dana Marie said...

did pete want a pinata for his birthday or did the boys convince him? lol

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