Sunday, May 10, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

Sam: there is no doubt you know how your mother operates already. i LOVED this comment by you tonight. we had walked to the grocery store as a family, and on the way home pete was telling you that my birthday was coming and wanted to know what you wanted to do for it. you said "i have a great idea! let's paint her table for her birthday!" oh, how that's what i would love more than anything. now, if i can just get him to always get me like that!

Will: you love jumping on the trampoline; you mostly love for me to get on with you and jump high while holding you tight. i can be anywhere in the yard at any given time, and you will come take my hand, lead me to the tramp, point up to it and say mama. i feel bad that i don't get every time with you.
Sam: you have occasional fits that could shame anyone, maybe even me at your age. :) you had one today, and it was hard for me to keep my cool. you love pushing my buttons by picking on will and then throwing a fit about time-out. today you wanted will's batman that he had. i gave my best attempt to teach sharing without letting you take it from will. you got mad at threw something at me. i sent you to your room for time-out. of course you were screaming hysterically and wouldn't stay in, so i had to shut you in. you still came out, and i wasn't happy so i had to hold the door with you screaming and kicking. i was finally able to walk away, but you were in there for about 20 more minutes screaming before calming down. it's a good thing because i needed that time to calm down, too. you were fine and apologetic when you came out.

Will: you are starting to talk a lot more. one of your favorite things you say is "want that". you've also been saying "let's go" a lot.
Sam: you've been telling me for the last week that you love to learn. you are telling me that you are learning to sew right now. i made you some sewing cards with your super hero guys, and you want to "sew" all the time. :)

Will: you are always turning the water on in the bath tub, and you've just barely learned to turn it off. you love turning it on to fill up cups or wash things off. you have to have everything clean. it's something you do constantly throughout the day.

sam made up a pretend game called "woof woof". this is when he slips into his dog identity. he put socks on his hands and feet for paws. he only barks and eats and drinks out of bowls. it's funny how he does this. now will loves playing, too. they crawl around on all fours barking. sam calls himself woof woof and calls will baby woof woof. i love these pretend games.

Pete has been the assistant track coach at his school. he had a track meet today that we went to. the boys and i both loved it. sam was making up his own races on the grass for him and will. he was telling me to be the coach and tell them that they are doing good and to run faster. he picked up very quickly that pete was the coach and doing those same things. my favorite part was watching them both be so interested in the track meet and all the things surrounding that like the bleachers, the hills, the school letter display, the other kids there, the concession stand, etc. by the end of the meet the boys were playing with another group of kids behind us on the grass. they were all running and rolling down hills and climbing on letters. it was almost like watching myself when we lived in reydon. there was a sense of pride that your dad was kind of in charge. you felt a bit more confidence and ownership over the school related event that you were at when your dad was there. i am so thankful this is the life that our boys will have.

Sam: you have been a little concerned about stockton's head surgery after hearing me talking on the phone about his head being swollen. tonight you asked me if stockton's face looked like norma's. i asked what you meant and you wanted to know if it was stretchy like norma's. i think you meant wrinkly, and no, that's not the same thing as swollen! :)

Will: you were such a mama's boy tonight. if pete even got near you, then you would have a major freak out. the second you got on my lap the freak out stopped. it was kind of cute, but i felt bad for pete.
Sam: i think he is one of my biggest fans. i've been working on an embroidery for mother's day. i took it in the car to work on when we were on the way to a bbq with some of pete's friends. when we got back in the car to come home, sam said "oh no, mom, you forget to show everyone what you are working on!" he seems so proud of all my projects.

Will: i love you always saying and waving bye-bye. whenever you are done with something (like being at someone's house too long) you start waving to everyone and saying bye-bye. so cute!
today was mother's day. i LOVED that the boys gave me fabric! pete took them shopping to choose me a yard a fabric. sam picked it for everyone. he chose one with balls and flames from Will, fire trucks from Sam, and purple butterflies from dad. I love that they know my interests. i plan to make some cute little aprons. thanks, guys!

Sam: it was his 1st day singing in church with the primary; they sang for mother's day, and he was so excited. he very confidently walked to the front of the chapel on his own, stood on the front row, and didn't sing a word. you were busy looking around at the other kids being disappointed that you didn't get to use the microphone. i couldn't hold back the tears; i remembered one particular occassion when you were a baby; the primary sang then and remember thinking that it felt like you would never be big enough to sing with the primary, and now so quickly you are big enough. sigh. smile.

today at church will and sam wanted to be on my lap the whole time at the same time. normally that works ok, but sam wasn't having that today. he stood up and looked at me and said "today i want all of your parts!"

on our mother's day picnic with my family, sam had a funny moment with another boy on the playground. the boy was pretending he had a gun and was shooting everyone. he pointed his "finger gun" in sam's face and said he was going to shoot him. sam responded like this: pushed the kid's hand out of his face and said "no you won't! i guess you've never heard of the super friends before!" then ran off. what a perfect response!

we were reading a book about a boy crying. sam and i were trying to figure out why he was crying. sam wasn't offering any ideas, so i asked him why he cries. his response was "because i want everything." at least he's honest!!

Will: he was funny for mother's day. he didn't want much to do with me today. he preferred pete until he saw his auntie at the picnic, then his preference was her. he calls her mama, too, and cries when she leaves. i'm glad he loves more than just me. :)

you LOVE to swing. it was fun watching you tonight. you were in the swing most of the night, and you loved leaning back. it was cute.


Ganny said...

I am so happy for you that you got fabric for Mothers Day. Maybe more will come on your birthday. Cute vlog....Love ganny

Ganny said...

whoops cute blog Ganny

katwalk said...

I used to eat out of bowls but I thought I was a cow I remember eating grass once too it got caght in my throat and I had to go to the doctor to get it out

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