Thursday, May 14, 2009

happy pete-a-kah!

pete and i are lucky enough to have our birthdays exactly 2 weeks apart. when we were dating, pete declared the 1st 2 weeks of may as jen-a-kah, and the next 2 weeks between our birthdays as pete-a-kah (ya know, a spin off Hanukah). we would do some type of celebrating every day for that whole time! sometimes it was just a note and other times a gift or dinner out. it has been a fun thing we've tried to keep for the past 9 years (holy cow!!). now that my birthday is over, jen-a-kah has ended, and we have officially entered the pete-a-kah celebration. brace yourselves for any pete-a-kah sentiments that may end up on the blog; now you know what it's all about, so please, feel free to join in the celebration. :) HAPPY PETE-A-KAH!

1 comment:

sarah jane said...

you guys both look amazing, seriously it is a awesome picture. miss you guys

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