Sunday, May 17, 2009

i don't want to miss a thing

when i started this a few weeks ago i was certain it would serve as a reminder for every thing we do that i never want to forget. however, i've noticed that i will never be able to write down everything like how often will has a dirty face, how it feels to have the boys climbing all over us on the cool evening spring grass, all the hugs and kisses i get in a day, how often they want to go to norma's in a day and then watching them run across gwen's grass, the stories we read, the shows we watch, the tastes of our family meals, the meal requests, and on and on. i just need to constantly remind myself that this may be the best i get it and it will be far better than nothing!

Sam: he told me today that if he ever didn't have me then he would cry all the time. well, i feel the same way. am i just incredibly lucky to have a child who tells me things like this constantly or do all young kids say these things to their mothers and then it just eventually stops???

Will: he LOVES to play duck duck goose, and we laugh our heads every time. he loves to be "it". he walks around so slowly with a very long stride saying duck, duck, duck, duck, duck probably 20 times. he never says goose, but you know when he means it because he says duck and takes off running. if he's no "it" but hears the word goose if he's not tagged he gets up and runs all over. it is SO funny! this is certainly a memory that i NEVER want to forget!

Sam: he and i were out working in the yard today while will was sleeping. i was mowing, and i put him in charge of watering our new garden. i looked up at just the perfect time to see him stick the hose down his pants. i thought i was going to die!

Will: this is a kid who likes everything clean, especially his teeth and hands. he wants to brush his teeth at least 4 times per day, and will whine and say "uh oh" any time a little dirt gets on his hands. i'm ok with that, and he must be, too. :)

Sam: you have been dying for my birthday; you woke me up at 6:30 and said "mom, it's your birthday! happy mother's day! just kidding, happy birthday!" you are so full of it. you immediately wanted to pull out the party decorations and begin decorating. thanks for all the honoring

Will: you were so sick today and wouldn't get off my lap all day. poor baby. :(

the 2 of you had me laughing my head off tonight! you both were on my lap having a mommy competition. will was being the most aggressive and finally decided to start saying sam's name. he kept screaming "sam, go dada!" he wanted sam off my lap and onto to dada's lap. at least i know he can say sam now!
this took the cake. i got sam out of the bath 1st tonight and wrapped him up burrito style in his towel. will was still in the tub, and sam kept leaning over the tub sticking the top of his head in the water draining out and making will laugh. i took the opportunity to pee while they were entertaining. as soon as i started peeing sam fell into the tub head 1st. he was still wrapped burrito style so he could couldn't move his hands to push himself up, so he lay screaming in 4 inches of water wrapped in his towel. my instinct pushed me off the toilet causing me to pee all over the toilet while sam was still laying in the tub screaming. nobody got hurt, but i haven't been able to stop laughing all night!

Sam: you informed today that you don't like Jesus anymore. when i asked you why, this was your response "we have to talk about for so long in primary!".
Will: you loved the ABC park today, but you are getting to a hard park age. you want to do everything, but you aren't quite capable yet. eyes cannot be taken off you for a second. it's fun watching you have such a good time.

i saw the biggest glimpse of brotherhood bonds today. on our walk to the park today i looked down in the stroller and saw the 2 of you holding hands and doing it peacefully, like you liked it. a few minutes later sam told me that he really loves his brother. i think will is feeling the same way. today was the day he has said 'Sam' over and over. it sounds just like he's saying 'Am'. every time he was doing something he would say "Am! Am!" over and over so Sam would watch him. all that makes me happy and hopeful there is a great chance of friendship.

we all went garage selling this morning, and sam always loves it. the hunt must be exhilarating for him, too, because all morning he was saying let's go to SOOO many today! the best find of the day was finding will a light saber for only 50 cents. both boys were thrilled, i think sam more than will, but still both thrilled. i loved sam's comment about buying it. he said they would play with it for a long time and then sell it in our garage sale when they were all done. good thinking, sam!

Sam: you gave the scripture in primary today. i about died at how big you have gotten! you took your seat at the front all on your own and sat so reverently. you looked huge, too! you LOVE the microphone and being in the spotlight. i'll be shocked if you are ever scared of public speaking! i am so proud of you!
Will: you got lucky enough to skip church due to the almost 4 hour nap you took! i guess you are still catching up from missing sleep in our bed during this past week of you being sick.


Briana Walker said...

i love the photo of sam pushing will on the trike. brotherly love is an untouchable bond.

Arin and Troy said...

I just want to know why Sam was out watering while you were "sleeping"??????????? lol

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