Sunday, January 9, 2011

a year in review

when i was a child time seemed to drag on.
i don't think i can count the times i heard a grown-up say:
"it goes so fast when you are an adult!"
i get it now.
sometimes as a mother the day-to-day tasks forget the past and lose focus of future days.
the past month i have not spent much time recording the present moments.
i've spent more time just enjoying the present.
i haven't thought much about the future at all,
but i have spent time reviewing where we have been the last year.
there has definitely been a recurring theme of gratitude and time together.
it has been a year of healing, adjusting, and celebrating.
i like remembering the highlights....

having pete back home,
creating the magpie's nest,
and then of course her magical arrival to earth,
and then lots and lots of love and doting over this new baby,
will potty training mostly by himself and sam,
and who could ever forget the beach house trip!,
a trip back home to oklahoma,
and lots of grounding realizations, like this and this .

i hope to move into a new year with an attitude of excitement.
and with no specific resolutions,
not even to be skinnier.
when the year is over i hope to look back and just see a common theme of fun, relaxing, & lots more time together.


Ganny said...

You have had quite a year,for sure. I hope the New Year will be filled with maybe a little less dramatic situations. you are blessed!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

"bucket on the head?" How about easter egg basket on the head. Made me remember and laugh about "thats the same thing" you watching yourself live on tv.

Pete said...

wow, we did a lot. I think you can put your fears of letting life pass us without enjoying it to rest. :)

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