Wednesday, September 8, 2010

today was the day

sam has been waiting for this day for 2 years.
he has wanted to go to "real" school for as long as he has known what it was.
today he got what he wanted.
he started preschool.
and it is at a real school.
it was a big hit.
he asked if i could sign him in to go everyday.
thankfully that's not even an option i have to consider.

the drop off was great;
he was polite to me,
but he wanted me out of there as soon as possible.
he wasn't even up for too much of a hug.
i didn't push the issue.
when i picked him up he said he had a lot of stories to share.
unfortunately, he just shared a few of them...
they played outside and inside,
they read stories & sang songs,
his teacher was so funny he thought a 6 was a 7,
and he didn't ask anyone their name yet... he thought that might be rude.

i'm so glad he gets to have this experience;
i know it will be the perfect fit for him.
i am happy about his growth & success.
however, can someone tell me if it gets easier as the mother to send your other children to preschool?
it's hard for me to think about letting my babies go,
and i know this is just the beginning. :(


The Nickell Family said...

Just wait til Kindergarten....

Arin and Troy said...

Way to go Sam!! I can't believe how grown up he is getting!

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