Friday, September 3, 2010

friday book review: dear zoo

dear zoo
by rod campbell
suggested reading level: birth-4

this flap book begins with a simple letter to the zoo requesting a perfect pet.
as the child gets several pets the flaps reveal that most the animals are inappropriate.
eventually the child gets the perfect pet... you'll have to read it to see it!
this is a clever & entertaining story.
the illustrations are simple yet colorful,
and the flaps add a creative mystery to the story.

we have owned several copies of this book.
this has been one of our favorites since sam was a baby.
will is really loving it now, too.
lately it has been read several times a day.
we love pretending what we would do if we had each of the animals at our house.
last night we decided we would keep the elephant outside to eat all of our apples off the ground since we don't have any peanuts.
there are lots of fun ways to engage preschoolers in the discussion of this book.
i even found this great coloring story to go along with it that we had fun doing.
click here to print one for yourself.

a MUST HAVE for any child book collection.

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Jocee Bergeson said...

i love your friday book reviews. we got llama, llama, red pajama this week and i laugh so hard at it. cutest book ever. i guess it's just so right on that it's funny! keep it coming! ;)

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