Sunday, September 12, 2010

money, money, who got the money?

i was a much better parent before i actually was one.
i was pretty sure i would never be frustrated with my kids because i would love them so much.
i knew i could teach them to play the most appropriate kid games with only kid things at all times and then clean up perfectly once they were finished.
i was certain that every time something bad happened i would turn it in to a teaching moment.
and i was equally certain that i would never be mad at them if they lost or destroyed something of material value.
like my wedding ring.
or like $280.

i'm still trying to cling to my pre-parent knowledge to deal with the $260.
on friday the boys had a play date at our house with their cousins.
they decided to play "rich king".
in order to do this, they took $280 cash out of my drawer and stuffed their pockets full.
then stored the remaining in the bushes behind their play house.
i was unaware of this until saturday morning when sam said he had a surprise to show me.
it was $120 behind the couch.
it took some time to get the story on where the cash came from;
i had a sick feeling instantly.
between sam & emi the true story unfolded.
we found money behind couches, under beds, in pockets, and behind play houses.
it has all turned except a $100 bill.

even as frustrated as i am by this,
i have realized how this will be a teaching moment however i react.
i could've freaked out, yelled, punished, cussed, etc.,
and i would've taught that we freak out when something we don't like happens.
and i would've taught them how much i value money.
or i could've responded calmly yet firmly and taught...
how to remember what we did with things,
how to tell the truth even when you fear you will be in trouble,
how to work together to find something,
how when you lose something of another person you have to spend the whole day looking for it with exception of a lunch break,
how you are never allowed to take something that doesn't belong to you, especially money,
and if you do then you will have to pay your whole live savings to make up for it and when that's not enough you will have to work until you are about 10 to pay off the rest.

and sam taught me that you should pray for help to find something you lose.
he is still praying,
and so i am.
so, if you see a 100 dollar bill laying around,
it could be mine,
and you would be an answer to our prayer.


katwalk said...

no haven't found any money lately. maybe it will turn up when you least expect it. or maybe it will be one of those things that just seem to pop out of no where. or maybe some needy soul found it and it was an answer to their prayer..or maybe someone is hanging on to it and might try to pull the one I've got some money and if they pull out a $100. their guilty :)maybe the rich king buried some money..for the 1 bill to be lost...

Arin and Troy said...

You are a better mother than me...I definitely would have been yelling and freaking out!

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