Tuesday, September 21, 2010

welcome fall

summer is over tomorrow.
do you know how i know?
besides the fact that tomorrow is the 1st day of fall?
it's because what i eat for lunch changed today.
my very favorite thing to eat for lunch in the summer is a tomato & cheese sandwich.
cooked a certain way of course.
it has to be on wheat bread,
with miracle whip on both sides,
a garden tomato sliced into 3 big slices placed on 1/2 of the bread,
thick slices of cheddar cheese on the other slice,
both heavily sprinkled with seasoned salt.
while that is being prepared the oven is preheating to 400 degrees.
once the prep work is done i slide each slice of the sandwich directly on the oven rack,
then i switch the heat to broil.
it has to be done that way.
the pre-heat from the bottom warms the under side of the bread,
and the broil cooks the top.
within about 4 minutes the cheese is melted and the tomatoes slightly warm.
pull it out,
smash it together,
and taste summer.

ok, today the lunch changed.
for fall it must be eaten on an asiago cheese bagel.
everything else prepared exactly same,
except you must add a fried egg,
with the yolk cooked hard,
and with lots of pepper.
i felt like i was eating fall today,
and i loved it.

for those of you who have read my blog know that i welcome fall with open arms.
you can read about it here.

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