Monday, September 27, 2010

taking it too far

i've learned one thing about little boys.
they love to pee.
they love to pee off the side of the toilet.
they love to pee in the bath.
they love to pee on tree.
they love to pee at each other.
and today will taught me that they even love to pee right on the front porch.
yes, you read that right.
i was shocked when i walked by the front door to see will peeing right there.
i'm still shocked.
i'm just glad we have a water hose close to clean it off.
his response?
"oh, it happens."
i'm just hoping it doesn't happen again.

1 comment:

katwalk said...

I'm sure they will still be free peeing for a while...let's just hope Pete doesn't teach Maggie the girl runner wish I would of had a picture of the look on Amy's face when he shared...

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