Wednesday, September 22, 2010

officially here

fall was official today,
and we celebrated in style.
we got out fall decorations.
we picked pumpkins.
we dug skeletons out of the sandbox.
we played in the rain storm.
and had hot chocolate.

before you think i'm super mom you should know how it all went.
only a few decorations ended up being put out.
when everyone lost interest i bagged up the decorations that had seen better days.
so, not much decorating going on.
the leaves were fun and cute.
hard to do when nursing a baby, shaving crayons, melting them with a hot iron.
oh, and a bit of a mess with all that excitement.

pumpkins never made it to a resting place,
and the skeleton is maybe still in the exact same place as i type.
rain storm was fun until everyone broke their umbrellas and left them on the floor.
and the hot chocolate is always a treat,
especially when it ends up spilled all over everything because it's fun to "vacuum it up" with our mouths.
the boys had so much fun celebrating,
they didn't stop there.
while i was attempting to tackle the messes of the morning,
they decided to celebrate in the bathroom,
with water balloons,
by filling them up and spraying them all over the bathroom.
wow, now that's celebrating.
let me tell you,
we really love fall around here.


sarah jane said...

I love this post, it made me laugh out loud. I'm glad other moms go through similar days. I always have great ideas, but its the accomplishment part.

sugar&sweet said...

i like da leaves its cute!...
i wanna do it also one of these days... :)
put it on a nice wine bottle and display.

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