Monday, September 14, 2009

dear fall

dear fall,
thank you for coming into my life today. i truly love everything about you from the foggy mountains, the brisk temperatures, the overcast rainstorms that last all afternoon, evening & night, the magnificent colors that you bring, and the way you cozy up my home the second you arrive. you change me. everything inside of me seems different when you are here. i feel motivated to do the things i love. i cook, i clean, i sew, i play with my kids, i read, and i stay at home all the time. i feel energized yet never stressed. i feel happy. i feel content. and i have peace inside of me all the time. this is how i always want to feel. i hope you are here to stay. at least for a really long time. i want to keep leaving my windows open and feeling your breeze all throughout the day and night. and most of all i want to keep tasting yummy meals like the chicken noodle soup and peach pie i made tonight; that's the taste your season brings. i love you and i need you, and i'm certain i always will. oh, and i think you need me, too. who else will stand on their porch and soak you in as much as i? please don't go.

i pledge my love forever....


Jocee Bergeson said... was SOOO nice!! loved it too. ;)

katwalk said...

Today is the 1st day of fall goodbye short short wonderful summer I love you summer I love the warmth do just me I make me feel so good I don't like to be cold it chills me to the bone it makes my body hurt. Oh I would start longing for spring but it seems it never makes it way. So maybe in 8 to 9 months the snow will be gone the sun will be out and again we will have that wonderful in the good 'ole summer time I'm going to miss you my dear lovely sun.

katwalk said...

oh misstake I looked at the calender wrong what was I thinkging my brain is to cold One more wonderful week of summer I will love you forever summer

Arin and Troy said...

I feel exactly the same way! I can't wait to start wearing all my pants and long sleeves!! And the best part, NO MORE SWEATING!!!!

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