Friday, September 4, 2009

i'm troubled by this

this coming tuesday in a speech pres. obama plans to "speak directly to students around the country about the value of education and the importance of staying in school as part of his effort to dramatically cut the dropout rate." great. why not? george bush gave a similar speech in 1991. that's not the trouble i'm having. it's all the ridiculous outrage about this around our country. this is not a speech to indoctrinate children or sway their precious political views that have been ingrained in them from their family already. (heaven forbid they actually be introduced to the fact that others may think differently than them and their family!!!) i've read the arguments and complaints, and quite frankly it holds NO weight with me. sure, you don't like our president, you think he's a socialist, you don't what his marxist ways to get into your child's brain without you there to "protect" them, you think it takes away from critical classroom instruction time, and on and on. well, were you crying back in 1991? are you crying when your child has to sit through some useless assembly that takes them out of classroom instruction? or better yet crying when the teacher chooses to show a movie because they are tired of teaching for that day? or are you crying when teachers, friends, etc. try to encourage your children to work hard, set educational goals and take responsibility for their learning? yes, you know best. let them stay home for an hour to watch tv or play video games; that's definitely better for them than participating in a historical event. are you people really my neighbors!!???
i think it's far more of an outrage that parents feel the need to hold their child's hand and cover their ears every time someone speaks who may think differently than them. get real, all you're teaching your children is to love and listen to only the people who think exactly like you. that would be the lesson i fear my child hearing far more than a message about doing well in school delivered from the president of our country. come on people, respect his position that he was fairly appointed to and get over yourselves. just be grateful he's addressing our children instead of sitting behind a desk scheming of ways to piss away more money in a war that we never should've started.
i'm done now.


Arin and Troy said...

AMEN SISTA!!!! I couldnt have said it better myself!!

Belnaps said...

I agree 100% Jen. It absolutely enfuriates me... that's when I realize how bipartisan our country has become. We can't appreciate a well-intended speech designed for our children by the leader of our country, who, by the nature of his position, is a role model...a role model attempting to encourage positivity in this instance. Something is seriously wrong here when people cannot appreciate the good intentions of another.

Stormy said...

Jennifer, I couldn't have said it better myself. THANK YOU for saying all of that! I was reading all about this last night infuriated by all of the people freaking out about it. And it makes me even more sick to read what (some) of the republican leaders have, what an example to encourage people to not support and respect our President whether you agree with his political views or not! It's ridiculous. Your post rocked my world!

Meghan said...

ok, so i have heard all the hubbub... but i don't actually know anyone who is actually upset by this message... who are they? because i am pretty darn conservative and none of my people are worked up.... i'm glad my kindergartner gets to see his president in school.

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Charity said...

You know, although I'm sure we don't share the same opinion about Pres. Obama, I agreed with your comments, until you showed your own partisan feelings in your closing line. Guess it's ok to promote supporting the Commander in Chief and respecting the tough decisions he has to make, as long as you agree with him (or her).
If you look at the real controversary over the speech, you will see that most of the issues were with accompanying lesson plans that were written for teachers to use after the speech. Sure, the whole thing got blown out of proportion, just like most things do these days when it comes to politics, but the fact is, those lesson plans were changed because not everyone blindly accepted everything the President wanted to do. And that is exactly what America, and the checks and balances of this great country, is all about.

Vanderlinden Clan said...

charity, thanks for your comment; i just must clarify... i wouldn't have supported any president going into this war on the grounds that we did. i believe it was wrong from the beginning. and you're right that my comment was out of context for the point of my post; however, i guess i was just venting. :)

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