Wednesday, September 2, 2009

every other wednesday

every other wednesday is by far my least favorite day. it's the always the day before i work. i work from home every other thursday, and i know what many of you may be thinking. something like "you only work 2-3 days a month!" or "you work from home so that should be no big deal". that's what you may be thinking, but it's a totally different experience for me. the actual working day is never bad, but the day before ALWAYS is. i don't know why i get so anxious. i do have preparations that need to be made that don't typically have to happen in our normal days. i have to clean the salon and downstairs bathroom, wash the towels, and make a trip to the beauty supply store. i know they are not big things, but i fret & worry over them the WHOLE day to the point where i'm almost paralyzed. and now here it is 11:56, and i still have towels to wash and a beauty supply list to be made (thank goodness they open at 8:00!). instead of just doing those things right now i'm typing this post and worrying that i'll be too tired in the morning that i will oversleep. i know, i know, i should take an hour first thing in the morning or better yet on a tuesday and get the things done so i don't have to ruin every other wednesday stressing about it, but here we are 3 years into it and i haven't actually been able to do that.
oh, and that's just part of it. i get so worried about being away from my kids for 10 hours that i try to soak up every second with them. that's fine in theory, but i'm so frazzled i can't really focus on them but yet i insist on being around them at all times. i think they are so confused by the strange mommy that they only see like this twice a month that they just act weird, too. no one really wins.
working from home really is a great privilege. i would never want to work anywhere else. however, it would be nice to just have to go to work and not be the one having to make all the preparations for the work to happen.
i guess i should go to bed now; i'm still just not quite calm enough yet, and oh, i still need to do the towels and make the list. long 'SIGH'.


Heidi said...

Ah Jen, good luck on those adventures. :) Working from home is a huge balancing act, you can do it, you're so strong and capable. I remember those hard days before work began. Yet now you'll have 13 days to enjoy home and the boys more. Congrats on the towels, list, working and balancing act! Take care my friend!

Melissa said...

It's stressful, I can imagine. I think it's harder to work from home because you do have to make all the preps and worry about taking care of your kids

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