Tuesday, September 15, 2009

worthy of 3 stitches

we had our first experience with instacare last night. will fell getting out of the tub and split his chin open. surprisingly i didn't panic, but i knew instantly that he would need stitches. it always feels major when your child gets injured, but it all was pretty minor. he only cried for a little bit. it was such a deep cut that it hardly bled. will was totally happy to be at the doctor looking at the fish and playing with the toys. you would never know he had a split chin. the doctors gave him the "best behaved child" award because he was a perfect little angel the whole time. they decided to not stitch it but to glue it instead. i'm wondering if that was a mistake. i can't keep his hands off of it, and he's constantly trying to peel the strips & band-aid off. not to mention that he has fallen about 14 more times today, so i will not be surprised if he splits it back open before it is healed.
i'm surprised this has been the first visit for stitches that i've had with 2 boys. the way these 2 play i had expected that before now. trust me though, i'm not hoping for more visits.

sam was very concerned about his brother and cried because he didn't get to go with us to the doctor.

he was perfectly fine once we got home, and they were right back to clowning around.


katwalk said...

you didn't call me poor little guy but he is so tuff

Mike-Jami-Bridger-Foster said...
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sarah jane said...

Poor Will, I hope he feels better soon. By the way Sam looks so much like Pete in the first picture

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