Monday, September 28, 2009

the best of intentions

i've been thinking a lot lately about what my children will remember, what attitude they will take with them from their childhood. the thought has occurred to me that they will only take what they experience. while my intentions are always lofty in regards to what i want to offer them, they won't ever know my intentions they will only know what i give them.

-i've intended to have some great salad at dinner every night
-i've intended to prepare meals that are beautiful, healthy, and delicious; the kind where you will want your friends over when you're older.
-i've intended for most things to be handmade, especially your toys
-i've intended to be more patient and not lose my cool as often
-i've intended to know a little about a lot of things and use that knowledge to teach you about oodles of things
-i've intended to be more cheerful
-i've intended for our house to be like it could be out of better homes & gardens... clean, cozy, uncluttered, and organized
-i've intended for your rooms to be decorated & cute with all of your things organized in cute cubbies & creative storage
-i've intended for you to always have clean clothes, clean hands, and a clean face
-i've intended to teach you responsibility through my example and consistency in all i do with you
-i've intended to teach you the deep meaning of life through lessons & examples and how to use your brain to explore it
-i've intended to use a kinder voice and have a more gentle nature
-i've intended for you to only hear me saying good things about others
-i've intended to play more with you and work less
-i've intended to be more creative with you in the way i discipline you and teach you
-i've intended to be more in touch with the things you need
-i've intended to actually execute my great ideas before the time has passed

perhaps i have intended to be a more perfect person. the one thing that drives me the craziest about myself is my inability to do the things that i really want. it's like i can see it but there's just some strange force out there that's determined to stop me executing. i'm working on it. i will work on my list, too. i will start by making a big, delicious salad tomorrow for dinner. :) best of luck with your intentions.


Ganny said...

Hey Jen, (shake, shake) Roll over........You are having a dream!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds pretty good though....HUH??????? Love Ganny

BreAnna said...

Hi there, I started a yahoo group for Coco Lady, I don't have your email address to send you the invite, can you send it to me at Thanks

Stormy said...

Remember: progression not perfection....

Dana Marie said...

no dirty faces or hands? what's the fun in that?

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