Thursday, September 24, 2009

i could've used that

a few days ago i almost made a post about my work as a mother. it was a post that would describe all the work i did in a day as a mother like cleaning markers off every wall in my house, cleaning spilled bowls of cereal, changing diapers, doing laundry, preparing meals, endless science experiments, and on and on. the point of my post was not to make me out as a super mom, but it was to document the major realization i had. i wondered how i could do this day after day and still find so much joy and fulfillment in my life doing these things. the realization was that there were some pretty special people who are the direct recipients of my labors day after day, and that is fulfilling knowing that.
i wish i would've written that post in the words i was feeling that day. i really could've used that encouraging reminder today. it was not one of those kind of days today. i'll leave it at that.

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BreAnna said...

isn't being a mom so great and full of personal discovery. So Coco, I thrive off having a group of ladies, all different, and some the same that I relate to, and get stretched for the better by. I don't like only having "ward" friends and "family" friends and "friends from school" friends, I like to merge all these groups with the people in other peoples group to make a great melting of women to get to know, support and grow with. We are all different and sometimes in UT I find myself feeling like we are all the same, but we are not, and a wider reaching groups helps me remember this. I am wanting to go see the capital in Oct with the group (kids welcome, or not) I haven't see the tour since they did the remodel (probalby everyone else has but I lived away) so that is the first step, then we go from there and do what other like to do, and lucky us we all try new things and have spirited and interesteing converstations. But mostly I enjoy the company and energy that comes from a group like that.

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