Tuesday, August 31, 2010

this moment

it was really nothing out of the ordinary tonight.
we were having dinner.
we have dinner every night.
but something was different tonight.
as i looked at my plate with fresh, tasty ingredients,
and as i looked around the table with pete & my boys eating & talking with all of their "dinner guests" (will's stuffed monkey & sam's 2 dozen stuffed friends joined us for dinner tonight),
i realized how important these moments are.
i believe these are the moments i will take with me...
the flavors of our food,
the way the light shines in the window every night at dinner,
the way sam & will set the table with glasses half full of water and forks hidden almost anywhere,
the way will picks over his food looking mostly for chicken, cheese or noodles in every dish,
the way sam eats everything on his plate and the way he always asks pete when he is going to start liking tomatoes,
the way we talk about our day,
the way we all talk about how happy we are will has his highchair to sit in so he won't wander around,
and just the way we enjoy each other.
i know our meal time isn't always perfect.
many nights kids are grumpy,
things get spilled,
the food isn't wonderful,
and our dishes aren't fancy,
but tonight this moment was perfect.

"enjoy the little things in life for one day you'll look back and realize they were the big things."


Ganny said...

Good looking plate of food. Are Petes shoes red? It is OK if they are.

Vanderlinden Clan said...

Yes...brite red....cool huh!


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