Friday, August 27, 2010

friday book review: llama llama red pajama

by anna dewdney
suggested reading level: 3-8

a sweet rendering of the trials of bedtime & separation anxiety,
a familiar theme with younger children.
after baby llama gets all tucked in he gets worried after his mama leaves.
when he calls her and she doesn't come immediately he begins to wail.
mama llama has to reassure him that she's always near even if she's not right here.
this story has a simple rhyme scheme and boldly colored pictures.

we love this book!
it is a great representation of what happens at bedtime often around here.
both of my boys enjoy reading it over & over.
it's one i like reading, too.
we talk often about why this baby llama is scared;
that gives my boys the chance to substitute what they are really scared about at night.
it's also a sweet reminder that i am always here for them, too, and that it's ok to go to sleep.


Jocee Bergeson said...

keep up the book reviews. they are my fav!

The Nickell Family said...

Carollyn LOVES this book!

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