Sunday, August 8, 2010

rain or shine

rain isn't enough to stop a determined 4-year-old boy from doing a lemonade stand that he has planned for days.
we found that out yesterday when sam hosted a lemonade stand at our house.
just as we were setting up at 4:00 the sky darkened and it was easy to see that rain was on the way.
the wind picked up, too.
i love the optimist in sam.
his response was,
"we sure picked the perfect day for this. it's not too windy or rainy."
i think that was his way of saying "it could be worse."

we had to press on because sam had delivered handmade invitations for his friends and our neighborhood a few days before.
the invite stated we would start at 4:00;
sam was afraid we would miss them if we didn't follow through.

it was a tender moment for a mom who wants desperately for her children to feel success.
as the wind was blowing our sign down and our cups away,
i was desperately hoping that one car driving by would understand the attempt and stop.
just one.
even though it wasn't ideal lemonade stand weather,
please someone just stop.
no one was convinced.
however, not 10 minutes had passed before the neighborhood started rolling out to support the street's youngest entrepreneur.
gwen was 1st.
she bought 2 glasses of lemonade: one pink & one yellow.
sam was so proud as to not forget any of the rehearsed steps:

1. would you like ice?
2. would you like pink or yellow?
3. would you like a lemon in that?
4. that will be $0.25 please.

it was greatly executed.
gwen left a 50 cent tip.
i was so proud i could've cried.
then norma.
then the fishers.
it was raining by this point.
ed's comment as he approached with his umbrella was...
"my throat is so dry on this hot day. thank goodness there's a lemonade stand here."
sam felt purpose in that moment,
you could just tell by the smile on his face.
then grandma jane and grandpa dennis pulled up,
umbrella and all.
we had a full stand.
i'm sure the passerbys were curious about what made this lemonade so great in the rain.
it's too bad they never found out.

after the crowd broke up i convinced sam to pack up and try again on a sunny day.
he was concerned about calling his friends that didn't show up who he had made invites for.
i loved his message to them
"i'm closing up and will try on a sun day. i mean a sunny day."

it was a success.
he made $4.50.
but even more than the money success,
there was success of accomplishment, support and friendship.


Meghan said...

so sweet. and i love your neighbors.

The Nickell Family said...

Now that was the best thing I've heard today. You go Sam!

Ganny said...

sure wish I would have been there. I love lemonade!!!!!!

Jes said...

Oh man too bad we don't live on the same street. I would have grabbed my wellies and umbrella and gotten something to drink and then danced away in the rain. Sam is the cutest kid!

MaryKate said...

So cute. Now that just put a smile on my face. And I have to admit a little moisture to my eyes. Way to go Sam and the Mommy for seeing it through!

sugar&sweet said...

hahaha...!hes so cute!!!
im sure d is so proud too
he loves juices so much.

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