Sunday, August 1, 2010

sunday naps

i always think about having a nap on sunday.
unfortunately, the routine of sunday rarely allows that.
for some reason my wheels seem to spin faster on sunday,
but yet it seems like the day i move the slowest.
and there's always at least 1 child that won't go to sleep at their normal time which prevents me from having a nap.
today that person was maggie.
as pete napped with will,
and sam played paper dolls on my bed,
i tried all the tricks to get maggie asleep.
it didn't happen.
when pete got up,
he got her to sleep within minutes.
while i'm always grateful he can do that,
i'm also always frustrated that i don't have the same touch.
i was expressing this frustration to him,
the frustration that no one goes to sleep for me like they do for him.
thank goodness for sam's insight.
he said,
"we all just love you too much that we always want to be around you."

now that's something i can feel good about.
i will try to remember this the next time no one will sleep for me.

now i must get.
pete is practicing his skills on me by trying to get me to sleep.
he took sam on a motorcycle ride while the other children are sleeping as a favor to me.
i'm grateful.
and afraid i will be that child that just won't go to sleep. :(

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