Monday, August 16, 2010

sibling rivalry

i have 2 brothers in my house that don't always get along.
i know this is very normal,
but it's still upsetting to me.
i think i'm reaching my limit in this department.
i don't know how to teach them to love each other more,
enjoy each other more,
or want to play with each other more.
apparently my tactics aren't working.
i am desperately searching for new tactics.
i think i just put 15 books on hold at the library.
hopefully i can teach some new skills so i don't have to hear this conversation again:

sam and will were in the tub,
and pete and i were across the hall.
there had been conflict over will having sam's toy.
we reached a compromise.
when will gave it back to sam after his time was up,
sam said "thank you, will. thank you for sharing."
to which will responded,
"why don't you share with me?"

it was seriously so sad!
will has definitely been at the receiving end.
it is not tolerated,
and hopefully will change soon.
any tips from those having gone through it successfully would be helpful.


Ganny said...

I can see it and I can hear it.

jlyona said...

As a mother of three boys, I can say the oldest is not only the protector but the "man in charge." At certain times, he must make sure that he is still the "man in charge.! Don't worry, I guarantee the older brother loves his younger brother.

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