Thursday, August 26, 2010

that's what cousins are for...

cousins are great for lots of things.
a guaranteed play date,
someone to paint jungle animal faces with,
being willing to lock you in the bathroom when you had an accident in your pants to help you get cleaned up before anyone even found out.

cousins are also great to teach you important life lessons.
i caught one of these lessons today.
sam & emi were in the shower together today,
and i happened to walk by just at the right time to hear emi say this:
"sam, how come it's not ok to pee in your shower?"
to which sam responded:
"it's just not ok."
now really, who would teach you this lesson if you didn't have a best friend cousin?

this is sure a great group of cousins we've got.
i hope they continue to know that they will always have a friend in their cousins.
at the rate these guys are going,
i think they will always know that.


Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

Hopefully she will take Sam's advise for her own shower at home! Cousins are almost as good as siblings!

sugar&sweet said...

hahaha...they look funny ..nice..

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