Monday, August 30, 2010

date night

i relish the time that i get to take each of my boys on their own separate "mom date".
today was that day.
they both use this opportunity to be themselves,
not the lost in routine or in the shadow of a sibling self,
and i love getting that reminder of who they really are.
both dates with each of them were fun,
but will really stuck with me this time around.
we went to keva juice and great harvest and then to the park.
he wanted to sit out front and enjoy our food.
he really let loose there.
with hip hop type music playing over the loud speaker,
he couldn't contain himself.
he just started dancing and couldn't stop.
he had some great moves,
especially his break dancing type moves.
i didn't get to see all of them.
when he realized i was watching he asked me to stop to looking at him.
thankfully i had the camera in my purse and was able to catch a short secret video.
i love this kid.
i hope he is always so free to move how he's feeling.


Ganny said...

A SWINGER, he is. Cute!!!!!!!!

katwalk said...

maybe he needs to be in dance classes see if roxy see talent

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