Wednesday, August 11, 2010


we are no longer worried about will not breathing at night.
the cause of his sleep apnea was his huge tonsils.
he had his tonsils & adenoids removed yesterday.
it was such a smooth operation.
no crying, no fear, and no resisting from will or me.
he was exceptionally brave.
he seemed so grown up walking away down the hall with the anesthesiologist.
he had his baby doll & basketball blanket in one hand,
the other in his new friend's hand,
the friend that was going to put a bubblegum smelling mask on his face.
the surgery was quick.
his recovery was quick.
his at home recovery has been non-existent.
he hasn't complained, seemed sick, or been much different.
except that i let him eat unlimited amounts of popsicles, watch lots of tv, and sleep with me at night.
but hey, what's a mom to do?
i'm all about the best recovery possible.
i'm just grateful it's done.


katwalk said...

glad it's over and hope it helps him sleep

Sherrie said...

Cortney had her adenoids and tonsils removed a year and a half ago. We also would hear her snoring stangely and pausing in her breathing at night. She also had a nasal-sounding voice. It has made a huge difference. Glad it is over and he was so brave.

Ganny said...

Nothing helps more than a good long nap.

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