Wednesday, August 25, 2010

keeping it real

every room in my house looks as if a tornado has hit.
breakfast, lunch, snack, & dinner messes are still on the counter, table, & sink.
i have 2 baskets full of clean clothes, a load in the dryer & a load in the washer.
my garbage cans still need to be taken to the curb for garbage day tomorrow.
not to mention that i think every garbage can in my house needs to be emptied.
my floors are so sticky that i think of my grandpa complaining about floors being so sticky that it pulled his socks off walking across them.
oh, and the bathroom.
i did clean that yesterday,
but you wouldn't know that today.
my laundry/sewing room looks like i've done 9 projects without cleaning up once.
you get the point.

time management has never been my strongest skill.
hence, blogging instead of cleaning.
i'm wondering if that's why things never get done around here.
or maybe it's because i have 3 kids ages 4 & under.
(i know there are many who have more and who know how to do it better)
but for me i have to remember that this is what life is like for me for almost a year after having a baby.
i'm thinking i will just go to bed without worrying about it tonight.

don't worry, this is not a complaint about my life.
it is just a reality check,
a reality check that i will appreciate if i have another child and find myself in the same spot again.

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Ganny said...

Hey!!!!!! Were you dreaming? Sounds like you were at my house,..... and it is just me here. REMEMBER your house don't look dirty, it looks lived in. My neighbor told me this when my kids were little and I was making excuses for a messy house. I still use it because sometimes my house sure looks lived in.

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