Wednesday, October 20, 2010


home can be a lot of things,
and it can be in a lot of places.
we just spent the past week at my original home,
and it felt like like home,
like my original home.
when i think of that home i think of...
my grandma,
endless pastures that are beautiful & simple & timeless,
ganny's house,
the shag carpet,
the big kitchen table,
the fabric closet,
linda's room,
the blue bathroom,
a pot of beans,
fried okra,
the hay bails,
the lane gate,
the quiet,
the open space,
a feeling of comfort.
the only thing that didn't feel original was having my husband & children there.
it was a reminder to me that home can be in more than one place;
i have a home here that i treasure & enjoy daily,
but i also have a home in oklahoma that will house my childhood,
a place that in a way will never change.

as we were flying out of okc,
i looked past my children & out the window as we were taking off down the runway.
i remembered my grandpa's parting words as i left on a similar airplane in 1999.
he said "everyone is allowed to make at least one mistake in their life."
i know my life would have turned out very differently had i stayed in oklahoma,
but i don't think it was a mistake that i left.
i now have another treasured home,
one that i hope to always be able to come back to and be re-charged with memories of my young adulthood & parenthood.
wherever you make that home will also be a cherished place,
and never really a mistake.

we had a lovely visit,
and my children are ready to be farm kids.
now that i mention it,
perhaps i wouldn't mind making another new home,
in the country,
on a farm.


Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

That sums up your feelings beautifully! Excellent post and what a trip. Now we all just need to move to the country.

Ganny said...

HAY(hey)nice blog.I love how the bright orange(OSU COLOR)chair glows.It is still in the quiet mode here. Papa would be very proud of your family, and might say well, Jennifer you never did too bad. Thanks so much for coming. Love, Ganny

Arin and Troy said...

Very well put. I wish that trip could have lasted alot longer!

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