Wednesday, October 6, 2010


i have a special foot.
it was born different than my other foot.
and different from apparently every other person in the world.
i've always known it was special,
not a disability,
even if i can't stand on my toes,
or walk exactly like other people.
i've always had this overwhelming sense that this was exactly how i was intended to walk this earth,
and that was special.

i saw a top notch orthopedic doctor today.
i think i love him,
at least i love what he said.
he said that in all of his years looking at feet,
he has never seen anything like mine,
and that made me extra special.
so special that he wants to use me as a poster child for unique foot situations
to be analyzed by the board of the best orthopedic doctors in the state.
he even invited me to their 6 am brain buster study sessions.
and he is sneaking me into shriner's hospital for time in the high tech "walking room".

so what does all of this mean?
it means that i am really special,
and it was a pleasant reminder today.

oh, and i am looking forward to what he comes up with. :)


The Nickell Family said...

That's awesome! We know you're special despite your foot! Someday I'll have to tell you about when we were together at Aunt Jan's wedding in Phoenix and your foot. You were a baby and I was might get a chuckle.

katwalk said...

Jen, that is great news, Yes I always knew you were "special" (thinking I came up with the "special foot" thing. You have been giving great challenges in your life from the very beginnning. Yes it has made you into the person you are today. That special foot has been a guide through out your life to lead you down the paths that gave you strength to carry on. I remember being told you would never walk. I could not believe that and worked and worked with you to walk, with every step you would fall, but it didn't stop you. You would get up and try again. the compassion that you showed to others begain to overflow from you..I still remember the 1st trip to Shiner's when we realized we were so lucky to have a special foot and not something really wrong like we saw in so many others with real problems. A poster child you are I still remember you being one that they hand picked to have surgery at the time they were having their Grand Opening of the new Shiner's hospital you were on the news every night at 6 and 10 for a week. Yes you are Special. so glad we choose that unstead of disabled or handicapped. Sometimes it makes me feel special too, to have you sent to me as my daughter here on this earth. Thank you for being just like you are, one of a kind for sure. Oh and I want to hear the story from your cousin..

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