Thursday, October 7, 2010

one step ahead

i'm not exactly sure how to say this,
so i will just say it.
3 kids is sinking us a little.
in some ways 3 doesn't feel any different than 2,
but in other ways it is a lot more work.
with 2 kids we felt like we were still a step ahead of the chaos.
i don't feel like that anymore.
it seems the chaos is overtaking us.
and i spend all my time wondering if i'm doing something wrong,
or if this is just how it is to be a mother of 3.
after a bad day,
i don't know how to answer that,
and even after a good day,
i still don't know how to answer that.

so, perhaps there is someone out there that can.
am i doing something wrong because somedays no one in the house isn't dressed, fed, and stimulated by 11:00?
or am i doing something wrong when i ask my kids to do things and they don't do it?
am i doing something wrong because my house looks like a tornado hit at almost any moment of the day?
oh, and is it wrong that i don't have the energy to do anything about it?
or is it wrong that i feel like i don't get to do anything throughout the day besides tend to kids?
mostly i just wonder if everyone else with 3 kids under the age of 5 feels like they always have dirty laundry, they lose their patience sooner, don't have as good of meals as they used to, and if they wonder if they are screwing up their kids.
and if someone out there with the same situation doesn't ever feel that way and their life really operates smoothly all the time,
then please contact me,
we need to talk.


BreAnna said...

OH Jen, how I love your honestly. I can't really say being a newbee to the mother world with only one. But what I do know is that there are many many out there who really look up to you, and follow you as an example, myself included. So what I do know is that you are doing plenty right, enough to make me want to be a little more "jen"

Meghan said...

yeah let me know if someone calls with the answer. i've had 3 kids under 5 for 3 years now... and not much has changed except the type of toys i pick up. so good luck, and hang in. welcome to our club.

Ganny said...

oh Jennifer, what a normal life you are living!!!!!!!!!!!!!Parenthood is full time if you give your kids the attention they need.AND IT IS GOING TO BE AROUND FOR A LONG TIME!!!!!!!

sarah jane said...

I only have two kids and I feel the same way. I often wonder the same thing. How can you keep you house clean, the kids entertained, good meals, and have you plus your kids look decent. no answers here, just agreeing

o said...

I don't think there is an answer. You just do the best that you can! As a mother of four for a year now I am beginning to realize how much more you have to enjoy EVERY moment good and bad. They just grow so fast, as you know. Enjoy the craziness!!

o said...

My name didn't come up. That comment was me, Desiree Allen:)

Heidi said...

Yes. Living in the big-city with this craziness and only my two, I think the balance just gets harder so we can learn to get better, grow and improve. Can't say that I'm keeping up to par all the time, my home and homemaking abilities are often a mess, but glad we're in this "together" and can draw strength knowing its normal and we can live through it. And be a better person because of it. :) You're doing great Jen! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, I appreciate you. And love your hair!!

Arin and Troy said...

Me and Troy were just watching a video of these parents that have 3 kids and I have been thinking about what they said ever since. They said when they just had 2 they were able to play a man to man defense, but once the third one came they had to switch to a zone and things have been harder to control ever since. You are doing great, I dont think I know anyone who tries as hard as you do to do everything "right". AS long as you continue to do that, then I think you will be successful. I am sure you are doing better than me and I only have TWO!

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