Friday, October 22, 2010

friday book review: bone soup

bone soup
by cambria evans
suggested reading level: ages 4-8

skeletal finnigin, a friendly feasting traveler, is known far and wide for his ravenous appetite. in his travels he is sure that he will be treated to a halloween feast somewhere. unfortunately the ghoul packed community catches word of him, so they all quickly pack away their prized stewed eyeballs and bat wings. although they turn him away, he is undeterred, and he cleverly begins to brew a soup with his magic bone. one by one, each creature emerges to investigate. they are gradually convinced to make awful additions like spider eggs, dried mouse droppings, toenail clippings, dandelions, and other items to the yellow-green soup.
the story is engaging and a little quirky. the illustrations are whimsically scary and in keeping with good halloween spirit.

we have been trying to get with the holiday spirit.
i haven't done a ton of decorations or halloween activities,
but i have been trying to read some fun, festive books.
and there are a lot of halloween books out there.
we enjoyed this story;
both sam & will were obsessed with the eyeballs in the soup.
they both came up with crazy ideas for their own soup.
the story has even inspired some silly dream dust about trying to make soup and all kinds of fun things appearing (like kittens, monkeys, and puppies).
if i were more on the ball i would try to come up with some creative way to make bone soup around here.
but since i'm not up for that this year,
we will just have to keep enjoying the story.

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Jocee Bergeson said...

we've been loving this book this month! so cute!! what are your other fav halloween books? i have a few i'll have to email you about. ;)

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