Wednesday, January 19, 2011

i have one friend

pete and i teach the 5 year olds at church.
we have the privilege of having sam in our class.
on sunday i had an introduction activity to help them realize they needed directions.
i told them i had a friend that i wanted them to meet.
i instructed them to find her house.
i did not give them any other info even though they would obviously need it.
they were all trying to guess where this mysterious friend lived and how to get to her house.
after a minute sam piped in and said:
"i know! she lives on center street!"
sam guessed it!
he knows my main friend is my sister,
and he has been to her house so many times he knows exactly where she lives,
even right down to her address.
i loved it!
and i haven't stopped laughing!
he guessed it with not one clue.
it's true,
she is definitely my friend,
and i'm glad she's my sister.


Ganny said...

oh, how sweet!!!!

Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

I am still laughing too! He is so smart...and I am glad to know that I'm #1 at least in his mind.

sugar&sweet said...

he's so funny...!
i love the story...!

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