Friday, January 21, 2011

friday book review: how to catch a star

how to catch a star
by oliver jeffers
suggested reading level: ages 4-8

in this whimsical picture book, a young stargazer decides he wants to catch a star.
he tries again and again with many different tactics to catch one.
then he sees a star reflected in the water and figures it fell from the sky.
he tries to grab it,
but it just slips through his fingers.
on his walk home along the beach he finds a starfish and thinks it is a fallen star from the sky.
this is somewhat of a magical story with beautiful illustrations.

sam received this book from pete's grandma for christmas,
and i must admit it has been in our favorite rotation ever since.
i love how the story play upon a young child's wish to have a star of their very own
and all the ways a young child could dream of catching one.
even as many times as we have read it the ending seems magical every time.
what a simple and beautiful way to make a child feel like their wish really came true!
it is a quiet flowing book,
definitely great for bedtime.
my boys relate to the pictures and their imaginations go wild as if they were chasing their own stars.
i have a feeling this will be a book that i remember with fondness from this time in our life.
i hope you like it as much as we do.

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