Sunday, January 23, 2011

i don't want to miss a thing

1. you didn't mind watching your brothers ice skate. you preferred the up close and personal view- so close that you could suck on the window. 2. you have spent lots of time with "grandma" norma this week; you smile so big every time you see her. 3. you are a kid who LOVES to eat! you eat anything you get your hands on... large chunks of bread or tiny pieces of plastic off the floor. today you found a potato peel. as i tried to take it out of you mouth you started swinging your arms wildly trying to bat me away. i feel a lot of joy every time i can prepare your food and see how much you love eating healthy things. your favorite is butternut squash, yams with applesauce, and bananas. you would sit in your high chair for an hour munching on cheerios or just hanging out. you are not high maintenance (yet!). fyi... that aqua skirt and gray tights is one of my favorite things you wear. 4. you are such a smiley baby; everything makes you laugh. i love that you are still so little and easy to carry around. i also love that you sleep through the night. you go to bed at 8:00 and wake up at 6:30. i put you in bed with me then and let you eat and snuggle. the boys can't wait to get in bed with me once you have arrived. that is one of your happiest times of day; all the boys have to do is look at you and you explode with laughter. you crawl all over them, and that makes them laugh. you are jabbering like crazy with a very distinct "maaaamaaaa", "daaaaadaaaa", and "babbbaaa". you are also waving, and every time you want more food you raise your hand until you get it. there's no secret about it... you are one loved little girl!!

1. this was your 1st skating lesson; you caught on very quickly and looked like you were almost skating by the end. you really liked it once you were on the ice; you cried every time except for the last class. you are going through a bit of separation anxiety again (including at primary and playgroup). you just like knowing that mom is close. 2. trying out your hand on the new chalkboard wall in your room. you love drawing lots of lines; you are getting good at drawing people, and i love how you draw a head and stomach connected with arms and leg lines coming out. 3. you love your sis! you are normally so gentle with her minus the occasional kick or laying on. you love to hold her hand and kiss her head. you have also been loving to help change her diaper; you always say you want to learn. 4. you're just a cute kid who loves life. you want to go to auntie's every day, and you always talk about going to grandma jane's. you play hard with mack; you loved jumping on cardboard boxes together this week. your lips have been chapped, and you love putting on chapstick. you always want cereal for breakfast and will always drink a smoothie.

1. finished up ice skating lessons; your balance improved tons from last year. you learned to skate backwards and glide forward- good progress. you loved being in class with emi. 2. loving your new chalkboard wall in your room; so far you have drawn watermelons, cars, robots, M-O-M and tons of other letters. 3. lots of time playing with emi this week. the 2 of you spent the afternoon in the backyard; "fixing" the playhouse roof was pretty special to watch; you spent the rest of the time jumping on the tramp, playing football, setting up tables for craft projects, and finding dead birds. 4. you are a kid who lives for summer! you are dreaming of the day when you can move to mexico (your choice) so you can eat burritos in your shorts on the beach. this day was the 1st day of sun we have had in ages (the temp. was 39), so you put your shorts and t-shirt on and went to work on building a new garden. you plan on planting corn and cucumbers.

water balloon magic
1. in action- sam catching a water balloon 2. water balloons in the tub; just a fun january activity when you are secretly wishing you can just play outside 3. will loaded and ready; he loved the throwing but not so much the getting hit.


Ganny said...

Sounds like Kids are doing great, hope parents are too. Water balloons are messy, Right????? Cute, Cute

Kari Forsberg said...

I love looking at your blog! Even though I am no longer in your ward and don't get to see all of you, I love seeing how everyone is doing. Your blog makes me very happy! I love how you love your life and family!

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