Sunday, January 16, 2011

what a child wants

i was recently thinking about an evening in november.
we had just finished dinner.
pete & i were too tired to think of some extravagant activity to entertain our children before bedtime.
so instead we got down in the floor with them and played cars with their $1 dragon car track they got from the DI.
i haven't seen them enjoy us or themselves that much in quite a long time.
it was fun,
and simple,
and even relaxing.
i loved watching where their imaginations took us.
they designated my yellow car as the grandma;
they were constantly wanting to have a sleep over & cookies at grandma's garage.
i laughed on the inside and loved it.
they could've carried on like this all night.

i love the reminder that our children don't need much.
they could have every toy stocked on the shelves of toys r us
and be enrolled in every lesson possible,
but those things will never be as meaningful as the time together as a family,
making up silly role plays with a junky, used $1 dollar car track.
i hope the time will always be so meaningful and so sought after,
and it's my goal to keep our lives simple enough that we can have as many of these moments as we want.


Ganny said...

Sounds like fun to me.

Anonymous said...

sounds familiar. All of you were no different and those really were the best emotions I ever experienced in life, just playing like and with good kids.

Pete said...

That was a fun night, we need to do that more often.

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