Saturday, May 29, 2010

farewell old friend

calvin found a new home today.
it was with mixed emotions that we let him go.
there have been challenging times,
but there have been good times, too.
he loved us,
and he protected us.
we loved him, too.
just not when he was on the couch,
or on my bed,
or pooping in the backyard.
he was a beautiful dog.
we still plan on asking exactly what kind of dog he was when we get to heaven.

it was the right time though,
and it was the perfect home.
he went to the country to a 2-acre farm.
he went to a family that loves dogs,
a family who wants him to sleep in their beds with them.
but most importantly he went to a 10-year-old boy who has had a challenging life so far.
the boy wanted a friend and someone to love and give him love,
he needed a dog friend.
so a loving grandma gave him that wish today.
and he was happy,
oh, so timidly happy.
calvin was happy, too.

we have all been a little sad,
even the boys.
will was almost crying once calvin was in their car.
he wanted to say goodbye one last time,
so we opened their door,
and calvin gave us all one last lick.

i know it will be better for everyone.
we won't forget him,
and he will be missed.
maybe just until all of the dog hair is cleaned out of our house.
just kidding.
he will also be missed when i'm home alone all day with the boys without his security.
or when pete and the boys need someone else to wrestle with.
i just have to keep reminding myself that it really will be better for everyone.
especially for a 10-year-old boy.


Suzie said...

So sorry that you had to say "goodbye"...I always enjoyed seeing that big goofy boy. He is such a love. We had a hard time giving our 2nd dog up a few years back but we have nothing but happy memories (or almost nothing...). Hope it's the same for you.

Meghan said...

wow, that is a big step. a step i wish i could take. just don't know how to yet. but i am so happy for you - you never have to clean up the poo again, or use a lint roller.... and that happy boy. good job jenn.

katwalk said...

I don't know what to think. very sad or happy Cavlin always loved me no more being knocked down when he would lean that big body into you I hope it works at for all mostly I hope the best for Calvin why am I crying over this dumb dog? sending him one big neck hug

Arin and Troy said...

This post actually got me a little choked up. I know everyone, including Calvin, will be better off.

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