Thursday, May 20, 2010

clock radio

do you remember back in the day of clock radios?
i know it's an ancient thing,
but i was thinking about them today.
i was remembering back to a day in 1991.
i was 13.
i had a clock radio.
and i loved listening to the top 40 country countdown on sunday morning.
i was always sooo happy when george strait's song "if i know me" song was #1.
i loved that song.
i turned that clock radio up as loud as it would go.
and i would sing that song as loud as i could.
and with as much passion as a 13 year old girl could.
i wasn't alone.
pete told me about his hand-me-down clock radio that he would do the same thing with.
except he was listening to jon bon jovi.
i just loved the simple days of clock radios.
that was enough.
i also loved the passion for something as simple as a country song.
i miss that now.
sometimes i think we care about too many things as grown ups that we don't feel so much passion for just one thing.
except our children, but that's not what i'm talking about.
i'm talking about just something simple.
something that doesn't involve work or thought.
something that is just a reflection of you.
maybe it's time for me to pull out the clock radio again.
we still have one.
i'm just not sure how many songs i would actually know anymore.
unless of course i was listening to fm100.

i know, a totally random post.
i was just thinking though.
and this is the kind of stuff my brain comes up with.


Ryan and Amy Harvey said...

Hey I'm going to have to download that song! I loved it too. On a related note Lorrie Morgan was a host at the Grand Ole Opry while we were there...remember Something in Red. We should bust out some of those classics and sing along so our children will look at us funny.

Vanderlinden Clan said...

i had totally forgotten that song! i just listened to it, and it's funny we used to like that song so much! i also listened to "if i know me", and i felt like i was back at rt. 2 box 41!

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