Thursday, May 13, 2010

30 down

today was the big birthday that sent me into my 30s.
i'm no longer just 30, but i'm now in my 30s.
i'm ok with that really.
i have been grateful for 30 full and pleasant years.
i'm hoping this next year will be equally as full and happy, too.
and i hope the kisses, flowers, and the gifted household items wrapped in towels from 2 little boys don't stop over this next year either.

oh, and it was fun to celebrate my day with maggie.
she was 6 weeks old today.
man, how time flies by.


Vanderlinden Clan said...

31 and better than ever!!!! Looking forward to living the next 31 with you :)

The Nickell Family said...

30(ish) is the new 20(ish)! only gets better! Remember to tell me that in a bit when I'm staring down 40!

sarah jane said...

love the picture, i'm glad you have a wonderful birthday

jfoss said...

You guys are looking great!!! Miss ya'll

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