Sunday, May 23, 2010

picture anyone?

i painted the boys' room yesterday.
i've been wanting to do it for a long time.
i should have been doing other things.
like cleaning my house or getting ready for the family get together we were having today.
i didn't though.
and oh well.
there has been a picture hanging in sam's room since he was a baby.
i made it at an enrichment activity before he was born.
i loved it.
for some reason it has lost its meaning to me.
i just haven't really thought much about it lately.
but i thought about it when i took it down today.
sam has always liked it.
he always asks if that's him when he was a baby with his dad.
for some reason i don't want it anymore.
i'm trying really hard to not just keep 100 things around.
does anyone out here want it?
or does anyone have an idea of how to re-use it so i don't have to get rid of it?

1 comment:

The Nickell Family said...

I will lay claim to it. How big and how much to ship it?

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